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02 AUGUST 2013

The Pillars of the Earth: hand-painted stop motion animation style

"We made this animation in BrosFx Studio. It is an opening to the TV series 'THE PILLARS OF THE EARTH', an adaptation of a book by Ken Follett. The series director is Sergio Mimica Gezzan, who cooperated, among others, with Steven Spielberg. Our goal was to create an animation which would render the colourful and vivid world of medieval England. The next step was to create a distinctive style that the audience would remember. After many tests, we opted for a hand painted stop motion, which suited perfectly the spectacle."

(Michał Socha)



12th century2010 • Acme Filmworks • animation • BrosFX • castleChannel 4colourfuldistinctive visual stylehand-painted stop motion animationhand-painted style • illustration techniques • illustrative style • Ken Follett • medieval • medieval England • Michal Socha • mini-seriesmotion graphics • Muse Entertainment • period drama • Scott Free Production • Sergio Mimica-Gezzan • Steven Spielbergstop motion animationstop-frame animation • Tandem Communications • The Pillars of the Earth • title designtitle sequencetitle sequence designTVTV seriesvisual designvisual stylevivid imagery


Simon Perkins
10 FEBRUARY 2013

River of Wisdom: animated version of a Song Dynasty painting

"After debuting at the Expo 2010 Shanghai China (2010上海世界博覽會) and traveling to Hong Kong and Macau, an animated version of the Song Dynasty painting Along the River During the Qingming Festival (清明上河圖), by 12th–century artist Zhang Zeduan (張澤端), is on show in Taipei. The 25cm by 529cm original is a panoramic portrayal of everyday life in Bianjing (汴京), today's Kaifeng (開封), the capital of China during the Song Dynasty. Despite its name, the scroll depicts the architecture and scenery of the period and the apparel and activities of the rich and poor, not the rituals of the Qingming Festival (清明節), otherwise known as Tomb Sweeping Festival. Thirty times larger than the original painting, the animated version, which is titled River of Wisdom, is beamed onto a 6m by 110m screen by 12 projectors. The entire work was digitalized by Crystal CG (水晶石數字科技公司) and its subjects and backdrops move and make sounds."

(Lin King, 29 July 2011, Taipei Times)




12th century20103D animation • Along the River During • animatedanimated experienceanimated paintinganimation • apparel • Beijing • Bianjing • Chinesecontinuous scene • Crystal CG • everyday life • Expo 2010 • flat picture planeflat spaceHong Kongimmersive experience • Kaifeng • large scale installation • life-size replica • living paintingliving pictures • Macau • Ming Dynasty • painting • Palace Museum • panoramapanoramic portrayal • Qing court • Qingming Festival • Qingyuan • Qiu Ying • remediation • rich and poor • ritual • River of Wisdom • sceneryscrollShanghai • Song Dynasty • Taipei • Taipei Times • Tomb Sweeping Festival • video muralvirtual heritage • Zhang Zeduan


Guannan (cassie) Du

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