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12 JUNE 2014

Playful animation of mistakes to avoid when creating your showreel

"I love showreels, and make sure to watch a few every morning with my first coffee. Noticing my own reel was insanely out–of–date got me thinking about reels in general. Here are a few of the obvious 2D and 3D showreel tropes I could think of (and am guilty of, too) mashed together into one almighty anti–showreel!"

(Peter Quinn, 06 June 2014)



Simon Perkins
16 MARCH 2013

Jesse Desjardins' You Suck At PowerPoint!

Uploaded via SlideShare as Adobe PDF



Simon Perkins
09 JANUARY 2013

Big Data: Text Mining in the Digital Humanities

"Not surprisingly the focus on research methodology in the presentations was also explicitly articulated as an important aspect of drawing out a scholarly practice for the Digital Humanities. It was emphasized that the disclosure of the philosophical and technological rational behind a research methodology is important to develop a sort of academic accountability. These methodological choices are deliberate and meaningfully affect the results of a study.

The rigorous process of explaining and justifying the methodological process is in effect a safe guard against spurious use of computational and statistical tools. 'Big Data' will not allow for humanistic arguments to be proved statistically. Instead it is about producing a dialectic between analytic and anecdotal, such that the computational tools of computers can be assimilated into the process of humanistic scholarship. An important aspect of this is to develop meaningful visualizations to render data readable."

(Mark Turcato, 18 May 2012, Digital Humanities McGill)


academic accountability • affect the results of a study • analytic • anecdotal • big data • computational tools • computational tools of computers • data analysis • deliberate and meaningfully • dialectic between analytic and anecdotal • digital humanitiesdisclosure • explaining and justifying • humanistic • humanistic arguments • humanistic scholarship • McGill University • meaningful visualisations • methodological choices • methodological process • philosophical rational • process of humanistic scholarship • proved statistically • render data readable • research methodology • rigorous process • rigourrobustness • safeguard • scholarly practice • spurious use • statistical analysis • statistical tools • technological rationa


Simon Perkins

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