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05 JANUARY 2013

Visualising interconnectedness through social network streams

"Tech City Map, created by developers at Trampoline Systems and designed by Playgen, pulls in streams of social network data for all of the businesses in the area to help analyse their influence. The Tech City Map follows in the footsteps of Matt Biddulph's original Silicon Roundabout map as well as Wired's very own version, produced in 2009."

(Olivia Solon and Nate Lanxon, 10 November 2011, Wired UK)



2011 • academic partners • affinityAmazon.combusinessbusiness community • Central London • chartCiscoCity University Londoncluster mapping • creative startup • data visualisationDavid Camerondiagrameast LondonEast London Tech CityEric van der KleijFacebookGoogle IncGoogle MapsGreenwichHackneyhubImperial College Londoninformation visualisationIntelinterconnectedness • Islington • LondonLoughborough Universitymap • Matt Biddulph • media companiesnetwork • Newham • next-generation applications • next-generation services • Old Street • Old Street roundabout • Olympic Legacy Company • Olympic Park • Playgen • Qualcomm • Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park • relatedness • retweets • ShoreditchSilicon Roundabout • Silicon Roundabout map • Silicon Valleysoftware companiesstart-up business • Stratford • Tech City • Tech City cluster • Tech City Map • technology companies • Tower Hamlets • Trampoline Systems Ltd • Twitter streamUK • UK headquarters • University College LondonvisualisationVodafoneweb of connections


Simon Perkins
09 NOVEMBER 2009

uberVU: monitor the collective consciousness

"uberVU is an easy way to find and follow conversations, even if they take place across multiple sites and services.

The interesting stories you read on the Web don't show you the whole picture. The conversation around them is missing. What people say about those stories is a great part of the picture.

The conversation around those stories takes place across many services. You might upload a video on YouTube that gets embedded in a blog post. That post gets comments and it gets posted on Twitter, where it also gets some replies. The Twitter post gets to FriendFeed where the conversation continues.

All of this is part of a single conversation, but you can't see it because it's trapped inside different services. That's where uberVU comes in."

(uberVU, 2009)



2009cluster mappingcollective consciousnessconvergencedata miningdigital culture • FriendFeed • innovationmememonitor • noosphere • Romaniasearchsocial identitysurveytechnologyTwitter • uberVU • vox populi • Web 2.0YouTubezeitgeist


Simon Perkins
02 DECEMBER 2003

Cluster Analysis: A Multivariate Statistical Technique

"Cluster analysis is an exploratory data analysis tool for solving classification problems. Its object is to sort cases (people, things, events, etc) into groups, or clusters, so that the degree of association is strong between members of the same cluster and weak between members of different clusters. Each cluster thus describes, in terms of the data collected, the class to which its members belong; and this description may be abstracted through use from the particular to the general class or type.Cluster analysis is thus a tool of discovery. It may reveal associations and structure in data which, though not previously evident, nevertheless are sensible and useful once found. The results of cluster analysis may contribute to the definition of a formal classification scheme, such as a taxonomy for related animals, insects or plants; or suggest statistical models with which to describe populations; or indicate rules for assigning new cases to classes for identification and diagnostic purposes; or provide measures of definition, size and change in what previously were only broad concepts; or find exemplars to represent classes."


classification • cluster analysis • cluster mappingdegree of association • group/class

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