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03 MARCH 2015

William Barak apartment tower portrait revealed

"After six months under wraps, a 31–storey portrait of indigenous leader William Barak was momentarily revealed to the world on Monday. The 85–metre face has been created in the balconies of a new Grocon apartment building at the former Carlton United and Brewery site on Swanston Street. ...

William Barak was an elder of Melbourne's Wurundjeri tribe, an artist and social justice leader, credited with 'building a bridge between black and white culture'. He died in 1903."

(Aisha Dow, 3 March 2015, The Age)





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Simon Perkins
08 OCTOBER 2003

Sarajevo Apartment Blocks: radical reconstruction

"In spaces voided by destruction, new structures can be injected. Complete in themselves, they do not fit exactly into voids, but exist as spaces within spaces, making no attempt to reconcile the gaps between what is new and old, between two radically different systems of spatial order and of thought a webbing of cycles intersecting in space and time."

(Lebbeus Woods Woods, 1997, p.16)

Woods, Lebbeus. 1997 'Radical Reconstruction, New York, U.S.A: Princeton Architectural Press.



1997apartment blockarchitectural spacearchitecture • Bosnia and Herzegovina • breaking updestroyeddestructiondistortiondwellingheterotopiaLebbeus Woodsmemorymutabilityradical reconstruction • Sarajevo • spaces within spaces • spatial configurationspatial orderurban scarsurban space • voided by destruction • webbing of cycles

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