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02 OCTOBER 2011

Rabbits: three rabbits live with a fearful mystery

"In a nameless city, deluged by a continuous rain, three rabbits live with a fearful mystery. Rabbits is a 9 episode sitcom featuring Naomi Watts, Laura Elena Harring, and Scott Coffey."




2002anthropomorphism • anti-realist aesthetics • apartmentbizarre • continuous rain • daily lifeDavid Lynchdehumanisationdistanced viewpointdistanciation • episodic • hare • humanoid rabbits • in and out • independent cinemaironing • Laura Elena Harring • mise-en-scenemystery • nameless city • Naomi Wattsotherworldlinessplacenessproscenium archrabbit • Rabbits (2002) • scene • Scott Coffey • series of episodes • sitcom • sitting on a couch • solo singing • strangestrangenesssurrealist filmmakertheatrical space • three rabbits • unnatural roomvisual designweird


Simon Perkins
06 JANUARY 2006

The Choreography of Awkward and Dehumanised Spaces

"The seven characters in the film 'Dictio pii' (2001) move about in a vacant hotel, but the viewer cannot discern a specific intention that might motivate their peculiar conventicle. Doors swing open and oddly clad figures step forward, only to disappear again in the next room."
(Siemens AG 2006)

Markus Schinwald (2001) 'Dictio pii', single–screen projection with five 35mm films transferred to DVD, duration, each: 3 minutes 16 sec overall display dimensions variable installation.



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