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06 JANUARY 2014

Arrested moment allows contemplation for what might have been

"This campaign aims to reframe the way that people look at their speed when they're driving. A person may be a good driver but they can't deny that people do make mistakes–after all, to err is only human. And in life, mistakes are made often. We usually get to learn from our mistakes; but not when driving – the road is an exception. Even the smallest of mistakes on the road can cost us our life, or someone else's."

(NZ Transport Agency, 6 January 2014)



2014advertising campaignAotearoa New Zealandarresting timecar crashcareless drivingco-optioncollisionconsequencescountry roadcrashdangerous drivingdrivingemotive manipulationfait accompli • fatal crash • final momentfrozen in the moment • hard-hitting • human error • impending disaster • in media res • momentary reprieve • mortalityno escape • NZ Transport Agency • police enforcement • public information adpublic information advertisementpublic service announcementroad safety • serious injury • speed limit • speeding • stop moving and consider the consequencessuffering and inevitable deaththreshold spacetime manipulationtime slowed downtransport safetyTVC • what might have been


Simon Perkins
15 DECEMBER 2012

The Ghosts of Oxford Street: Malcolm McLaren's 1991 musical interpretation of London's famous shopping street

"From humble country road to the the most fashionable street in Europe, Oxford Street has been home to such colourful characters as highwayman Jack Wild, writer and opium addict Thomas de Quincy and shopping impresario Gordon Selfridge.

The Happy Mondays, Rebel MC, Tom Jones and Sinead O'Connor join in a unique and eclectic musical celebration of this retail mecca and its history."

(Channel 4)



1991 • Alison Limerick • Ann of Oxford Street • Anne Lambton • Bryony Brind • Channel 4 • choirs • Christmas • Christmas past • citycolourful characterscountry road • Duke of York • eclectic • fashionable street • Gordon Selfridge • highwayman • history • impresario • interpretation • Jack Wild • John Altman • John Pickard • King George • Kirsty MacColl • Kitty Fisher • Lady Archer • Leigh Bowery • London • Malcolm McLaren • Matthew Byam-Shaw • music • musical • musical (genre) • musical celebration • musical interpretation • Nick Musker • opium addict • Oxford Street • Rebecca Frayn • Rebel MC • retail history • retail mecca • Rowetta Satchell • Shane MacGowan • Shaun Ryder • shopping • Sinead OConnor • The Ghosts of Oxford Street • The Happy Mondays • Thomas de Quincy • Tom Jones • Tommy Roberts • UK


Simon Perkins

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