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19 JUNE 2014

What is Twitch?

"It's essentially the YouTube for live gaming: people broadcast themselves playing and/or talking about games while other people watch them (either live or via archived footage) while chatting about it."

(Stuart Dredge, 19 May 2014, Guardian Unlimited)



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Simon Perkins
16 APRIL 2011

The First British Royal Wedding of the Digital Era

"The first item to come out of the social media trends box is that this will be the first British royal wedding to be streamed live on the web, and this list goes on. As it will also be the first to have a mobile application; and the first with a soundtrack to be released on iTunes within hours of the ceremony. The Palace has been open to Universal Music Group, and its Decca record label, which plans to release the soundtrack of the wedding ceremony, on iTunes and later as a CD. In return Universal has promised a donation to charity.

A British Royal wedding is normally associated with pomp, tradition and a stiff upper lip, but now through technology it is interactive, cross–platform,multimedia, multichannel, hyperlinked,24/7, user–generated, search–engine–optimised, downloadable extravaganza! Yes, the Royals are embracing social media trends galore. There is an official website, Facebook page and of course Twitter feeds all for the big 'W'."

(Sangeeta Haindl, 6 April 2011, Justmeans)



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Simon Perkins
06 JUNE 2005

Streaming Media: Turning Major Technologies Into Minor Machines

Geert Lovink (Draft, June 4, 2002)
Streaming media have the technical possibility to question the iron necessity of the return of the 'one to many' broadcasting models. Interactivity has the possibility to fragment the 'mass' audiences into a dispersed group of users. The technical peer–to–peer approach (as opposed to the client–server model) may be obvious for some but its consequences are far reaching. In contrast to broadcasting we may define streaming media as channels that make audio and visual material available on the Internet. ... Alternative streaming ... stresses the importance of networked webcasting and, most notably, does not retransmit existing radio signals. They provide the Net with new, yet unknown content and forms of subjectivity. Becoming minor, in this context can be described as a strategy of "turning major technologies into minor machines." Against the mass media a heterogeneous network of networks could flourish. The listener as producer submerges into an immersive space, designer a unique, personal mix of up and downstream data.


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