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Is porno-chic the new black?

"Currently there is a three–year research project going on at The University of Auckland to examine the broader effects of pornography on New Zealand society. Pornography has always been with us you could argue, so why the fuss now? One reason is the growth of the internet. Pornographic imagery is just a click away. Gonzo porn, where there is aggression directed at women, is the growth area in this multi–billion dollar industry. Question its prevalence, and you run the risk of being considered a prude in today's climate of liberal tolerance–very uncool.

It's supposed to be empowering for women to be sexual in their behaviour and dress. We are sold 'technologies of sexiness' wrapped up in the rhetoric of individual consumer choice. To be 'hot' is the aim of every pimply tween, male or female, and that means trying to refashion yourself into a porn body. Desperate effort goes into maintaining sexual currency as age takes its toll."

(Linda Tyler, 8th Sep 2013, NZ Fashion Museum blog)



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Simon Perkins
10 DECEMBER 2012

Theorizing Advertising and Promotion

"The visual rhetoric of ads is not, then, confined to the copy. An ad is an argument, a persuasive communication. Every part of it must support the main argument, must be persuasively suggestive. A press ad for Retinol Activ Pur face cream used a clever visual metaphor to support a claim that the cream reduced facial wrinkles. The ad featured two juxtaposed images of a beautiful (Caucasian) woman. She was wearing what seemed to be a white robe, folded over one shoulder like a Roman toga. In the background was a pure blue sky and a suggestion of white pillars, of the kind found in a Greek temple. One picture was cracked, like the surface of an old oil painting. The other was smooth. The metaphoric reference was clear: the cracks suggested wrinkles, but in an elegant way that was complimentary, not demeaning, to age. Old paintings are things of classical beauty, but the paint does tend to crack with age. The ad was designed to draw the eye across aesthetically appealing images while giving the reader heavy hints about the classic beauty they might aspire to if they were to consume the brand.

However the levels of meaning in advertisements are theorized. Acknowledging their presence lends a new dimension to the analysis of advertising as persuasive communication. It brings to light some of the subtlety and complexity of advertising design, while also allowing us to draw an intellectual connection between the various artificially differentiated categories of marketing communication."

(Chris Hackley, 2010)

Chris Hackley (2010). "Advertising and Promotion: An Integrated Marketing Communications Approach", Second Edition, SAGE Publications Ltd.


2010adadsadvertisementadvertising and promotionadvertising design • aesthetically appealing images • artificially differentiated categories • beautifulblue sky • Caucasian woman • classic beauty • classical beauty • crack with age • demeaningface cream • facial wrinkles • Greek temple • heavy hints • juxtaposed imageslevels of meaningmarketing communicationmetaphoric referenceoil painting • old paintings • persuasive communicationpersuasively suggestive • press ad • Retinol Activ Pur • Roman toga • visual metaphorvisual rhetoric • white pillars • white robe • wrinkles


Simon Perkins

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