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16 MARCH 2013

Dorothy Iannone's Innocent and Aware

Dorothy Iannone, "Innocent and Aware", 8 March 2013 – 5 May 2013, Camden Arts Centre in London.

"Iannone's portrayals of male and female sexuality celebrate the joy of her most intimate relationships while subverting traditional gender stereotypes of dominance and control. Through graphic paintings, sculptures and video boxes her works depict partly–clothed and naked figures on bright psychedelic backgrounds of flora, mandalas and biomorphic patterns. Recalling classical Indian erotic art, Egyptian frescoes and Byzantine mosaics, Iannone's intricate work communicates a personal narrative, passionate love affairs and lifetime pursuit of 'ecstatic unity' through transcendence and spirituality."

(Camden Arts Centre, 2013)



201320th century artartistbiomorphic • biomorphic patterns • ByzantineCamden Arts Centrecontroldominance • Dorothy Iannone • ecstasy • ecstatic unity • erotic artexhibitionexplicit sexual imageryfemale artistfemale sexuality • fresco • gender representationgender stereotypesgenitals • graphic paintings • innocenceintimacyintimate sexuality • love affair • lovemaking • mandala • mosaicnaive stylenaively drawn figuresnaked figuresNorth American artistpenispersonal narrativephysical lovepsychedelicpsychedelic imageryself-taughtsex • sexual liberation • sexual politicssexualityshock artspectacle • spiritual awareness • spiritualitytranscendence • unconditional love • vagina • video box • vulvawomen artistswomen in art and design


Simon Perkins
20 JULY 2012

Victoria & Albert Museum: Zoomorphic Architecture

"Zoomorphic presents a startling new trend in architecture – buildings that look like animals. Animal resemblances arise for various reasons. An architect may wish to create a symbol, as architects have always done. Or, there may be a functional explanation for why a building comes to share elements of its design with that of some living creature.

Until now, the Art Nouveau was perhaps the high water mark of architecture's attempt to embrace nature. Today, with computers and new materials, architects are able to design and build more freely so they are exploring the natural world once more."

(Victoria & Albert Museum, 2004)



2004animalanimal resemblancesarchitecture • art nouveau • biographicalbiologicalbiomorphicbuildingscomputer aided design • design and build • design freedom • embrace nature • exhibitionfunctional explanationHorniman Museum • Hugh Aldersey-Williams • living creature • Natural History Museum • natural worldnew materials • shared visual elements • symbolismtrendVictoria and Albert Museumzoomorphic


Simon Perkins
03 OCTOBER 2006

Matthew Barney: The Cremaster Cycle

"Na acht jaar zit het werk van kunstenaar Matthew Barney er dan eindelijk op: The Cremaster Cycle is af.
De cyclus is voortgekomen uit zijn werk OTTOshaft uit 1992, en is van begin tot einde een strikt persoonlijke uiting van wat de kunstenaar zelf bezig houdt. De centrale thematiek is zijn fascinatie met de gelaagdheid van de mannelijke seksualiteit en de voorwaarde dat verandering ten grondslag ligt aan creatie. Steeds opnieuw zien we beelden van de dualiteit van de vernietigende maar ook scheppende kracht van het mannelijke lichaam."
(Ronald Simons, 05–04–2006)



anthropomorphismbio-ethicsbiomorphic • Cremaster Cycle • filmgrotesque • Matthew Barney • medical experimentmutantorgansexualvisceral
10 MAY 2005

Kunsthaus: communicative display skin

"As part of the commission for the conception for the thorough integration of media technology into the architecture for the Kunsthaus Graz in Austria, real:U designed the award winning "communicative display skin" BIX for the building. Using standard industrial fluorescent light tubes BIX transforms the outer biomorphic skin of the building, which is constructed out of translucent blue acrylic glass panels, into a low resolution grey scale computer display."




ArchigramarchitectureAustriabiomorphic • biomorphic skin • BIX • communicative display skin • facade projection • Fournier • Graz • Kunsthaus Graz • realities:united • Spacelab • spectacular architecturetransposing materials

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