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Umberto Eco: The Virtual Imagination

"But many internet programs suggest that a story is enriched by successive contributions. … This has sometimes happened in the past without disturbing authorship. With the Commedia dell'arte, every performance was different. We cannot identify a single work due to a single author. Another example is a jazz jam session. We may believe there is a privileged performance of 'Basin Street Blues' because a recording survives. But there were as many Basin Street Blues as there were performances. ... There are books that we cannot rewrite because their function is to teach us about Necessity, and only if they are respected as they are can they provide us with such wisdom. Their repressive lesson is indispensable to reach a higher state of intellectual and moral freedom."

(Umberto Eco, 7 November 2000)



2000authorial signatureauthoritative workauthorship • Basin Street Blues • biographybooks • books-to-be-read • booksellersbookstoresCinderella • closed universe • Commedia dellarte • comprehending languagecomputers • copying machine • e-bookelectronic literatureencyclopaediaend of booksend of print • enriched by successive contributions • every performance is different • evolving formfairy talefatefolioFranz Kafkafuture of the book • god passed over • grammatical rulesheroeshypertexthypertext fiction • hypertextual programme • hypertextual structures • Immanuel Kant • infinite possibilities • infinite texts • intellectual freedom • intellectual needs • jazz jam session • Les Miserables • library catalogue • linear narrative • linearityLittle Red Riding Hoodmanuscripts • moral freedom • Napoleon Bonapartenatural language • necessity • new forms of literacy • obsolete form • open work • Penguin edition • photocopierprint on demand • printed books • printed version • privileged performance • publishing houses • publishing modelreaderly textsreading • reading process • revisionscanningselectionshift to digital • single author • specificity of print • systems and text • tailored consumer experience • texts which can be interpreted in infinite ways • theories of interpretation • tragic beauty • tragic literature • Umberto Eco • unlimited texts • utilitarian value • Victor Hugo • War and Peace • Waterloo • William Shakespeare


Simon Perkins
10 FEBRUARY 2013

Inventory of research methods for librarianship and informatics

"This article defines and describes the rich variety of research designs found in librarianship and informatics practice. Familiarity with the range of methods and the ability to make distinctions between those specific methods can enable authors to label their research reports correctly. The author has compiled an inventory of methods from a variety of disciplines, but with attention to the relevant applications of a methodology to the field of librarianship. Each entry in the inventory includes a definition and description for the particular research method. Some entries include references to resource material and examples."

(Jonathan D. Eldredge, 2004, Journal of the Medical Library Association)


2004academic researchanalysisaudit • autobiography • bibliomining • biographycase study • citation analysis • cohort design • comparative study • content analysisdata mining • definition and description • delphi method • descriptive survey • focus group • gap analysis • historyinformaticsinventory • inventory of methods • JMLA • Journal of the Medical Library Association • librarianship • library science • library studies • longitudinal studymeta-analysis • narrative review • participant observation • programme evaluation • randomised controlled trial • research designresearch methodresearch methodsresearch reports • summing up • systematic reviews • unobtrusive observation


Simon Perkins
07 MARCH 2011

Trove: repository of Australian cultural heritage

"Trove is a new discovery experience focused on Australia and Australians. It supplements what search engines provide. If you are researching in the fields of the social sciences, literature, local or family history, or need inspiration for your school assignment, then this is the tool for you.

For example if researching images relating to Edmund Barton, our first Prime Minister, results will include descriptions such as people, book, manuscript, map and newspaper articles. A researcher searching for information on Nellie Melba will be presented with a range of results including biographies, pictures, music, newspapers, books etc."

(The National Library of Australia)

Fig.1 Teenage Weekly Supplement (page 5) in Australian Womens Weekly 20 September 1961 [–page4830846/print]



archive • ARO • articlesAustralia • Australian Research Online • biographybookscataloguecategoryclassificationcollectioncontentcultural heritagedigital heritagefamily history • historic newspapers • images • journals • knowledge managementliteraturemagazinesmapsnational cultural heritage onlinenational heritagenational identityNational Library of Australianewspaperrepositoryresourceresourcessearch enginesocial historysocial sciencesTrove • Womens Weekly


Simon Perkins
29 NOVEMBER 2008

City by Michael Heizer

"City, Michael Heizer's life–long project, is quite possibly the largest piece of contemporary art ever attempted. Because the artist is a very private individual, little is known about City, except that he has been working on it since 1972 (he claims 1970). Located in the remote desert of Nevada, City comprises five phases, each consisting of a number of structures referred to as complexes."






biography • City (artwork) • contemporary artdesertearth art • earthwork • eco artland artlandscape futureslarge scale workMichael Heizer • Moapa Valley • Mormon Mesa • NevadaNorth American artist • Overton • scalesculpture • Virgin River • Virgin River Mesa • visual spectacle


David Rogerson
11 NOVEMBER 2007

Fifteen Uses Of A Corporate Wiki

Dr. Todd Stephens, Saturday: June 2, 2007 10:03 PM
1. Collecting Business and Technical Requirements;
2. Corporate Dictionary;
3. Meeting Agendas, Notes, Attendees, and Attachments;
4. Organisational and Professional Biography;
5. Status Reporting (Project, Personal, Program, Departmental);
6. Release Notes and Issue Tracking;
7. Product and Service Documentation;
8. User Manuals, Guides, and Best Bets (Tips);
9. Policies and Procedures;
10. Brainstorming, Innovation and Patent Processing (Many Eyes);
11. Intranet Replacement;
12. Metrics Reporting;
13. Along with RSS, notification of upcoming Events or Announcements;
14. Error Reporting, Tracking, and Resolution;
15. Locating Like Minded or SME within the Enterprise.


biographybusinessbusiness communicationcorporate communication • corporate wiki • dictionarydocumentationguidemanualreportingSMEwiki

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