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Defined Lines: tongue-in-cheek parody of Blurred Lines music video

"A feminist parody version of Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines ... by a group of law students from Auckland University, was posted on YouTube on Friday night and had over 300,000 views at 6am this morning."

(TVNZ, 02 September 2013)



2013 • Adelaide Dunn • Auckland Law Revue Girls • bigot • Blurred Lines (2013) • chauvinism • chauvinistic • Chillbox Creative • critical commentarydepictions of womenexploitationfeminist parodyfeminist perspectivehumourlaw student • Marvin Gaye • Miley Cyrus • Milon Tesiram • misogynyMTVMTV Video Music Awardsmusic video • Olivia Lubbock • parodyparody versionplaythingporno-chic • Rich Bryan • Robin Thicke • scantily cladsex crimesexismsexistsexploitation • sexual discrimination • sexualised depictions • sexually explicit content • The Law Revue girls • tongue-in-cheek • TV One • University of AucklandYouTube • Zoe Ellwood


Simon Perkins
15 DECEMBER 2005

(un)Smart-Mobs: text-messages used to incite racial violence at NSW's Cronulla Beach

"Come to Cronulla this weekend to take revenge. This Sunday every Aussie in the Shire get down to North Cronulla to support the Leb and wog bashing day ..."
(anonymous text message, circulated between 5–10 December 2005)

Fig.1 Sydney Morning Herald's Photographer Andrew Meares captures the fury of the Cronulla riots.

[The use of mobile telephone text messages to incite racial hared at North Cronulla beach in Sydney, Australia is a good example of what Howard Rheingold calls 'Smart–Mobs'. Although it is clear in this case that the content of the messages has very little to do with being smart, the fact that groups of individuals are able to self–organise in a decentralised way is. Such technology allows individuals to form groups in an ad–hoc manner (in this case, groups of foolish red–necks), which is significant given the centralised nature of most other communication avenues.]



2005ad-hocAlan Jones • Andrew Meares • Australiabelligerencebigot • Cronulla • deindividuationfearflash mobsHoward RheingoldmobilenationalismNSWpatriotismracismsmart mobsSydneytext messageviolenceviral

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