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04 JANUARY 2014

An introduction to recommender systems


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Simon Perkins
31 OCTOBER 2006

Neural Networks as Similarity Machines

"An artificial neural network is a kind of 'similarity machine', a device that can implicitly store the relationships between 'familiar' inputs and their correct outputs and use these stored relationships to handle novel inputs by implicitly comparing them to all of the stored inputs.

Inputs and outputs take the form of 'patterns of activation' over a set of 'units', which are roughly like neurons in a real neural network.

The stored associations between inputs and outputs take the form of weighted connections between the input and output units (and possibly some number of mediating 'hidden' units). These weighted connections are roughly like the synapses in a real neural network."
(Michael Gasser, Indiana University)


associationcomparison • like • neural network • neuron • patterns of activationrelationshipsimilaritysimilarity machinesynapse

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