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16 DECEMBER 2014

Breathing Friend: stress relief ball by Czech industrial design student

Diploma Work created by industrial design student Kateřina Pražáková at the Czech Technical University, Prague in 2014.

"Tento malý přítel je určen jako dárek pro ženy trpící stresem. Může se pro nás stát blízkým tak jako hračka v dětství či pouze nástrojem, který nás nenásilnou formou dokáže uklidnit. Povrch si každý může vytvořit sám podle svých sympatií a tím se stává osobnější. Při uchopení tohoto křehkého dýchajícího stvoření můžeme příjemně relaxovat a na chvíli zapomenout na chaos kolem nás. Díky svojí velikosti jej můžeme mít stále u sebe."

And as translated from Czech to English using Google Translate: "This little friend is designated as gift for women suffering from stress. It may become for us so close like a toy in childhood or just tool that nonviolent us form can soothe. Surface everyone can create by himself their sympathy and becomes personal. In this gripping brittle breathing creature we can relax and moment, forget the chaos around us."

(Kateřina Pražáková, 2014)

[The project set out to address the problem of everyday stress through creating a stress relief ball called Breathing Friend. In doing so various materials were considered because of their significance for the target user group. The project has an anthropomorphistic aspect through its use of subtle vibration and physical warmth.]






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Simon Perkins
26 MARCH 2005

Real Replicants: Anatomically Correct Sex Dolls

"[The] dolls ... are each custom made to order ... [and include an] extensive list of options, from body type and face type all the way down to fingernail colour. If you've ever dreamed of creating your ideal woman, then you have come to the right place."

(Abyss Creations)

[Life–like sex dolls suggest Blade Runner–style scenarios. A world where replicant partners can be created according to ones desires – where replicants like Blade Runner's protagonist Rick Deckard, can disappear into the sunset with their own personal (sex–doll) replicant.]



1996 • Abyss Creations • anatomyBlade Runner (1982)desiredeviancedolldoll fetishismdoll like objectseffigyeroticismfidelityideal female bodyinanimate dollladybotlifelikelove dollmannequin • Matt McMullen • NSFWphysical archetypePVCreal dollreal-life doll • Realdoll • realisticreplicareplicantrepresentation • Rick Deckard • Rui • sex dollsexual fetishsiliconesilicone fleshsimulationwoman

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