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20 APRIL 2009

Patricia Piccinini: bioscientific practices of manipulation and alteration of living beings

"Most of Piccinini's works are premised on bioscientific practices of manipulation and alteration of living beings, of creating 'new worlds' if 'only' in art. Stem cell research, genetic engineering, cloning, bioelectronics, and technologically mediated ecological restoration and kin formation loom large. Reorienting the arrow of time, both Still Life and Young Family provoke the onto–ethical question of care for the intra– and inter–acting generations that is not asked often enough in technoculture, especially not about its own progenitors and offspring. The important question is not found in the false opposition of nature and technology. Rather what matters is who and what lives and dies, where, when, and how? What is wild, and what quiet? What is the heritage for which technocultural beings are both accountable and indebted? What must the practices of love look like in this tangled wild/quiet country?"

(Donna Haraway)



abjectAustralian artistbio-ethicsbioelectronics • biomedical ethics • biopolitics • bioscience • biotechnology cloning • cloningcritiqueDonna Haraway • ecological restoration • ethicsgenetic engineeringPatricia Piccininiresponsibilitysciencespeculative biology • stem cell • Still Life with Stem Cells (2002) • technocultureThe Young Family (2002)visceralwomen artists


Simon Perkins
19 JUNE 2007

Copy Shop: photocopying infinitum

"A man who works dedicatedly in a copy shop copies himself until he fills the whole world with his clones. This film actually consists of nearly 18,000 photocopied frames, which are animated and filmed with a 35mm camera."


Writer/director/editor: Virgil Widrich; Cinematographer: Martin Putz; Music: Alexander Zlamal; Actor: Johannes Silberschneider





2001 • Alexander Zlamal • authenticityblack and white • clone • cloningcopydoppelgangerduplicationessencefilmhigh concepthigh concept film • Johannes Silberschneider • loop • Martin Putz • photocopierphotocopyrepeatreproductionshort filmspeculative fictionsuffusionsurreal • Virgil Widrich

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