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11 DECEMBER 2012

Dara Ó Briain's Science Club: The Story of the Brain

"Dara traces the brain's journey from a useless organ once ditched by Egyptian embalmers to the centre of everything that makes us human. Science journalist Alok Jha asks whether smart drugs really make you brainier, oceanographer Helen Czerski explores cutting edge therapies allowing the brain to control limbs remotely and materials scientist Mark Miodownik takes apart a smart phone."

(BBC Two, UK)

Fig.1 this animation is from Episode 5 of 6 of Dara Ó Briain's Science Club, Tuesday 04 Dec 2012 at 9pm on BBC Two, voiced by Dara Ó Briain, animated by 12Foot6, Published on YouTube on 5 Dec 2012 by BBC.



12Foot620122D2D animationAlok Jhaanimated information graphicsanimationBBC TwoBBC2brain • brainier • consciousconsciousness • control limbs • cutting edge therapies • cutting-edge innovationsDara O Briaindissectiondrug takingdrugselectricity • embalming • epileptic • frog • heart • Helen Czerskihippocampushistory of ideas • homunculus • human speciesillustration to visually communicate information • liver • Mark Miodownikmemory • mummification • nervous system • neurosurgeon • organ • physician • reasonscienceScience Club (tv)sequential art • smart drugs • smartphone • spleen • story of sciencesubconscious • surgeon • UKunconsciousvisual representations of scientific concepts • Wilder Penfield


Simon Perkins
29 OCTOBER 2012

Blue Velvet: the dark underside of America's collective fantasies

"Blue Velvet begins with the lily–white small town of America's collective fantasies and shows us its dark underside: drugs, violence, sex, and particularly sexual perversion. Our hero, Jeffrey, hiding in the dark, peers through the slats of Dorothy Vallens' closet at Dorothy getting undressed and Frank's strange sadomasochistic sex with her. Jeffrey stands for all of us American filmgoers peering (voyeuristically!) at Evil in traditional American films. Lynch clues us as to how we should read his film when he shows us a cluster of ants under the Beaumonts' pretty lawn. This is Tennyson's nature red in tooth and claw–the underside of cutesy Lumberton with its free enterprise propensity for cutting down trees."

(Norman N. Holland)



1986 • Alfred Tennyson • ants • Blue Velvet (1986) • collective fantasies • communitydark undersideDavid Lynch • Dennis Hopper • Dorothy Vallens • drugs • evil in films • feature filmfilm • filmgoers peering • free enterprise • hiding in the dark • Isabella Rossellini • Kyle MacLachlan • Laura Dern • lily-white • Lumberton • melodramanature • pretty lawn • repressionsadomasochistic sexsexsexual perversionsmall townsmall town Americasocietyundercurrents • underside • violencevisual spectaclevoyeurism


Simon Perkins

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