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13 MARCH 2013

Op Hop/Hop Op by Pierre Hébert

"Ročno izdelan eksperiment z utripajočo animacijo v slogu praskanke na filmski trak. Prikazuje skupino štiriindvajsetih abstrahiranih podob, ki se na zaslonu razporejajo in prerazporejajo v različnih kombinacijah. Rezultat je spreminjajoč se vzorec zvoka in slike, ki ima za oko in uho drugačen ritem.

A hand–made, scratched–on film experiment in intermittent animation. The images are a group of twenty–four visuals, all non–representational, which arrange and rearrange on the screen in many combinations. The result is a changing pattern of sound and image that has its own rhythm for eye and ear. "

(Animateka International Animation Film Festival, Ljubljana, Slovenia)

Pierre Hébert (NFB), Kanada/Canada, 1966, 35 mm, 3'30''



1966 • Animateka festival • arrange and rearrange • black and whiteCanadachanging pattern • combinations • experimental filmeyes and earsgeometric formshandmade • intermittent animation • materialist cinemanon-representational • Op Hop Hop Op • patternPierre Hebert • popping • rhythmscratchscratch film • scratched film • sound and imagevisual abstraction


Simon Perkins
25 MARCH 2005

Free Radicals: implied space through rhythmical scratches

"In Free Radicals Len Lye put aside his interest in colour and concentrated on a stark, black and white use of the 'direct' method, by scratching on black leader. He has described the film as 'white ziggle–zag–splutter scratches ... in quite doodling fashion.' The film's title is a reference to modern physics –– 'free radicals' are particles of energy –– but the visual style is still reminiscent of tribal art."

(re:voir vidéo distribution)



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