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22 FEBRUARY 2015

Eye Appeal: Spectacle on Stage and in Life

"From ancient times to the present 'spectacle' (the visual aspects of human performance–architecture, scenery, costumes, makeup, lighting, special effects, and staging) has been used to expressively embody and evoke meaning in rituals, ceremonies, and artistic performances. This course [Eye Appeal: Spectacle on Stage and in Life at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro] will examine the use of spectacle as an expressive mode of communication in human performance from antiquity to the present."

(Bob Hansen, 2004)



2004 • aesthetician • antiquityart historyartifice • artistic performances • Ben Jonson • Bryan Holmes • ceremony • Cinquecento • circus • commanding form • costume design • court spectacles • creation of spectacle • dramatic literature • entertainment spectacle • expressive mode of communication • eyecatching • George Kernodle • high renaissance • human performance • Inigo Jones • Jean-Baptiste Poquelin • John Lahr • Jonathan Price • lecture programmeLeonardo da Vincilightingmake-upMichelangelo • Moliere • parade • Phyllis Hartnoll • physiological reactions • psychological reactions • public showsRaphael • religious rites • renaissanceritualscene designsceneryscenographysetting • Shakespeare • show (spectacle)special effectsspectacle • spectacles • spetakel • stage magic • stagecraft • staging • Susanne Langer • Sybil Rosenfeld • technical theatre • theatre architecture • Thomas Heck • TitianTiziano • Tiziano Vecelli • Tiziano Vecellio • University of North Carolina • University of North Carolina at Greensboro • visual and performance elements • visual spectaclevisual spectacular • visually striking


Simon Perkins
14 FEBRUARY 2013

Scene: academic journal for space and scenic production

"Scene is dedicated to a critical examination of space and scenic production. The journal provides an opportunity for dynamic debate, reflection and criticism. With a strong interdisciplinary focus, we welcome articles, interviews, visual essays, reports from conferences and festivals. We want to explore new critical frameworks for the scholarship of creating a scene."


academic journal • Alison Oddey • articles • Christine White • concept artcostume design • creating a scene • critical examination of space and scenic production • cultural studies • Intellect (publisher) • interdisciplinary focusinterviews • Iryna Kuksa • media art • new critical frameworks • Ping Lu • reflection and criticismreports • Scene (journal) • scene compositionscene designsceneryscenography • scholarship of creating a scene • Stephen Di Benedetto • technology innovationtheatre designvisual artsvisual essay • Xijia Fan


Simon Perkins

The ingenious use of technology in stage design

"Svoboda's opera productions evidence his ingenious use of technology, as well as his use of all manner of modern materials, such as plastics, hyrdraulics, and lasers. In Tristan und Isolde, performed in Wiesbaden in 1967, Svoboda created one of his best–known effects, the three–dimensional pillar of light with an aerosol mixture through which shone low–voltage luminaires. In Richard Wagner's The Ring Cycle, performed in London between the years 1974 and 1976, the central unit was a platform that raised, lowered, tilted, and transformed into stairs that leveled no matter at what pitch the platform was. In addition, its underside had a large mirror to reflect performers who were below stage level."

(Thomas J. Mikotowicz, Theatrical Designers: An International Biographical Dictionary)



aerosol mixture • Czech National Theatre • Czechoslovakia • hyrdraulic • influential designer • ingenious use of technology • Josef Svoboda • light • opera production • performance • pillar of light • pioneer • principal designer • Richard Wagner • Ring Cycle • scenic designer • scenographer • scenographystage • stage design • theatretheatre designer • Tristan und Isolde • Wiesbaden


Roma Patel
10 JULY 2006

The Big Picture: viewing from within the projection space

"The award–winning Big Picture is a 360° audio–visual experience and a unique way for visitors to access the Museum's world–renowned collections of photography, art and sound. Continually changing images are projected onto the gallery walls, floor and visitors themselves creating a total, 'immersive' environment. The images are accompanied by music, sounds and reminiscences from the oral history archives, to create unforgettable shows."

(Imperial War Museum North)

[The Big Picture show at The Imperial War Museum North in Manchester is truly impressive. Audiences are treated to the show as they occupy the projection space: moving through the dissolving images as they pass from exhibit to exhibit.]



Big Picture • immersion • Imperial War Museum North • ManchestermuseumprojectionscenographyUK

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