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22 JANUARY 2010

Early TV motion design: The Tomorrow People

"Created in 1973 by Roger Price, 'The Tomorrow People' was always entertaining, full of fresh, innovative ideas, and larger–than–life villains."

(Clive Banks)

[The series was directed by Roger Damon Price ( its Graphics and Titles designer was Jerome Gask (–gask/person/367501/appearances.html?tag=content_wrap;cast_crew_list) and its theme was composed by Dudley Simpson (]



197370s televisionanimation • biotronic computer • British television • Carlton International Media Ltd • cell divisioncredit sequenceDavid Bowie • Dudley Simpson • extrasensory perceptiongalaxy • Homo Superior • human evolutioninfinite loopITV • Jerome Gask • motion designmotion graphics • Oh! You Pretty Things • Roger Damon Price • sci-fi • sentient • sequence designspecial effectsstop framestop-frame animation • telekinesis • teleportation • televisiontelevision seriesThames Televisiontheme musictitle musictitle sequence • Tomorrow People • UKuniverse


Simon Perkins
09 NOVEMBER 2003

Minority Report: pre-crime and information integrity

"In futuristic Washington, D.C., a system is established that can accurately predict when criminals are going to commit murder or violent crimes. This system, known as 'Pre–Crime', was set up by the respectable Lamar Burgess (Max von Sydow) and uses the abilities of a set of 3 special individuals known as 'Pre–Cogs'. These individuals, through visions or dreams, can see into the future and give a prediction of when a violent crime will occur, usually accurate to the second.

However, John Anderton (Tom Cruise), the head of 'Pre–Crime', is envisioned to have committed the future murder of a man he has never met before, and before he can be apprehended, he sets out headstrong to solve the mystery of this murder before it inevitably happens. As precious time ticks away, and consistencies with the 'pre–cog' visions become more and more prevalent, Anderton realises that the only way he will be able to solve the mystery, is to get the 'minority report' from the female pre–cog Agatha (Samantha Morton).

The 'minority report' is a vision that only one of the pre–cogs can see. In the system, all 3 pre–cogs see the same vision the vast majority of the time, however, on occasion, the female Agatha, who has been found to be the most talented of the 3, sees something different than the other 2, but this is usually disregarded in order to preserve the credibility of the system."

(Kim Bartlett)



2002authority • clairvoyance • controlcrime fictiondatadisciplineethical contextextrasensory perceptionfuturisticgesture devicehaptic interface • information integrity • lawMax von SydowMinority Reportmonitoringmulti-touch screenpanopticon • parapsychological phenomena • Philip K. Dick • pre-cog • pre-crime • pre-visualisation • predict • prisonprisoner • psychic detective • punishmentregulation • Samantha Morton • sci-fispeculative designSteven Spielberg • Tom Cruise • truthvisualisation

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