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09 JUNE 2016

Lunar Economic Zone: a speculative architecture student project

'Lunar Economic Zone' by Zhan Wang, Part 2 Project 2014, Architectural Association London UK.

"The 2028 Mid August Day Lunar Mineral Parade is a speculative event which takes place in the newly formed Lunar Economic Zone, an administrative agglomeration of Shenzhen and the Moon, on August 15 2028. Coordinated by Zhan Wang, the event is designed to be seen by the mechanical eyes of the world's media and is an external projection of pomp and ceremony showcasing an emerging resource rich, technology advance superpower. As the media frenzy descends on the city the world is invited to the grand parade that marks the first consignment of lunar minerals touching down on earth. The parade route takes spectators along the main axis of city from the 10000 meter tall space elevator to the mega ships of the world's largest mineral port. As the world's largest rare earth producer China currently controls 90% of the mineral market. Their recent limits places upon mineral exports has artificially driven rare earth prices to unprecedented levels. Western nations are scrambling to find their own mineral deposits to counter the Chinese monopoly. Between documentary and fiction, between propaganda and news the Lunar Economic Zone plays on our fears of a localised resource economy."

















2014 • 2028 • administrative agglomeration • Architectural Association School of Architecture • architectural conjecture • August • award winners • between documentary and fiction • localised resource economy • Lunar Economic Zone • Lunar Mineral Parade • mechanical eyes • media frenzy • mineral deposits • mineral exports • minerals • monopolymoon • orange • paradePeoples Republic of China • pomp and ceremony • rare earth • rare earth producer • redRoyal Institute of British Architects • Shenzhen • space elevator • speculative architecture • speculative event • speculative projectsstudent projectyellow • Zhan Wang


Simon Perkins

It's time to kill the idea that Amazon is killing independent bookstores

"Big bookstores are the ones most affected by Amazon's dominance. Borders is long gone. Barnes and Noble isn't in the best health. And Waterstones in Britain has started selling Kindles. The reason? There is very little difference between big, impersonal chain stores selling books and a big, impersonal website selling books. Independent retailers, on the other hand, have a lot to offer that Amazon cannot: niche coffee, atmosphere, serendipitous discoverability of new titles and authors, recommendations from knowledgable staff, signings and events, to name a few."

(Leo Mirani, 24 September 2013, Quartz)



Amazon KindleAmazon.comambience • American Booksellers Association • Barnes and Noblebooksellersbookstores • Borders (bookshop) • boutique • boutique-publishing • chain storecoffee shopconsumer behaviourconsumptiondiscoverabilityeconomies of scale • Espresso Book Machine • eventsexperience creation • impersonal experience • in-store experienceindependent retailers • knowledgeable staff • market dominancemonopoly • Nate Hoffelder • niche market • obscure titles • recommended by the retailerself-publishingserendipitous discoverabilityserendipityshopping behaviour • signings • small businessesstumbling acrossunexpected gemsWaterstones


Simon Perkins
20 OCTOBER 2012

Concerning Intellectual Property: a conversation with Pat Aufderheide and Ellen Seiter (part four)

"In some ways, independent media–makers seem caught in the middle of this struggle, seeking ways to protect their own creative products, but also often at the mercy of bigger corporate interests. What do we gain by looking at the issues from their perspective?"

(Henry Jenkins)



best practicesbig media • codes of best practices • copyright • corporate interests • creative productsdebateDIY • Ellen Seiter • fair useHenry Jenkins • independent media makers • independent media-makers • indie mediaintellectual propertylawlegislationmonopoly • moral-panic • noncommercial creators • Pat Aufderheide • PIPApiracypolicyprotectionremixsocial consciousnessSOPA


Simon Perkins

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