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11 DECEMBER 2013

Nicolas Bourriaud: Postproduction



amateur cultural productionartistsboundary-crossing • collective story • consumerismcontemporary artcritical discoursecultural and social relationscultural technology • culture of use • database as cultural formDIYDIY craftsDJforms • historised • Hunter College • Jerome Sans • Ludwig WittgensteinMarcel Duchamp • network on signs • new audio theory • new modes of production • newness • Nicky Enright • Nicolas Bourriaud • paths through culture • post • post-productionproduser • programme forms • protocols of usereinterpretationrelational aestheticsremix culturesamplerscriptible • site of navigation • social and cultural forms • sociality • tabula rasa • the new • theory of substantial formstoolsusevisual artwork of art • zone of activity


Liam Birtles
24 OCTOBER 2009

Can I Get An Amen?

"Can I Get An Amen? is an audio installation that unfolds a critical perspective of perhaps the most sampled drum beat in the history of recorded music, the Amen Break. It begins with the pop track Amen Brother by 60's soul band The Winstons, and traces the transformation of their drum solo from its original context as part of a 'B' side vinyl single into its use as a key aural ingredient in contemporary cultural expression. The work attempts to bring into scrutiny the techno–utopian notion that 'information wants to be free'– it questions its effectiveness as a democratizing agent. This as well as other issues are foregrounded through a history of the Amen Break and its peculiar relationship to current copyright law."

(Nate Harrison)



19692004 • Amen Break • art and creativity • audio • audio installation • authorship • b-side • backbeatbreakbeatcopyrightcopyright lawCreative Commonscritical perspectivecultural expression • cultural ownership • culturedemocratisationdigital culturedrum beat • drum sample • drum solo • drum-and-bass • hip-hophip-hop backbeathistoryinformation wants to be freeinnovation • jungle music • musicmusic clip • Nate Harrison • ownershippiracyremixremix culturesampledsampler • soul band • soundsubculturetechnology • The Winstons • turntablevinyl record


Simon Perkins

Mellotron: The Original Multi-sampler

"Arguably the original multi–sampler, each key on the Mellotron had recordings of real instruments on a piece of magnetic tape under each note of the 3–octave keyboard and each key had its own pinch roller and playhead. When a key was pressed, the pinch roller enaged with a master capstan wheel and dragged the key's tape over a playhead."
(Steve Howell, Hollow Sun)



analogue • Howell • keyboard • Mellotron • samplesamplertape

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