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17 FEBRUARY 2014

Jazzimation: visual abstraction gracefully animated to music

"A jazzy film in which the spectator is forced to look with the ears and listen with the eyes. An abstract film drawn directly on the computer.

Een jazzy film waarbij de toeschouwer gedwongen wordt met oren te kijken en ogen te luisteren. Een abstracte film die de muziek verbeeldt."

Fig.1 Jazzimation (1999): Format / Format : 35 mm; Durée / Length : 5 min; Année / Year : 1999; Couleur / Color : n/b / b/w; Réalisateurs / Directed by : Oerd van Cuijlenborg; Musique / Music : Jeroen van Vliet; Production / Production : Nederl. Inst. voor Animatiefilm; Pays / Countries : Pays–bas / The Netherlands.



19992D animation35mmabstract animated filmabstract animationanimated drawingchanging patterncolourcolour and musicdesign formalismDutch animationDutch design • jazz music • Jazzimation (1999) • Jeroen van Vliet • motion drawingmusic videoNetherlands • Oerd van Cuijlenborg • pianopure abstraction • Stichting Nederlands Instituut voor Animatiefilm (NIAf) • Ton Crone • trumpet • visual abstractionvisual patternvisual spectacle


Simon Perkins
15 OCTOBER 2012

A fleeting moment: drawn and animated

"A small test getting a drawing animated. I made one main drawing, and on the following page redrew some elements so I could scan both into Photoshop and cobble together a looping animation. I staggered the elements out over more frames for a little more variation than a simple 2 frame flip."

(Yi–Piao Yeoh, 27 January 2012, Eraser Dust Everywhere)



Simon Perkins

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