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13 OCTOBER 2012

Plato Art Space: Ilhan Koman and Candas Sisman's 'Flux'

"Famous Turkish sculptor İlhan Koman's boat Hulda arrives in İstanbul, its final destination, after its long journey which began in Stockholm. Hulda was both Koman's home and studio during his residence in Stockholm.

The exhibition consists of the photographs and videos from Hulda's journey, 10 original sculptures such as Whirlpool and Dervish by İlhan Koman and a video –dedicated to İlhan Koman– by young artist Candaş Şişman. The photographs and videos are from the cities Hulda visited during its journey –Stockholm, Amsterdam, Bordeaux, Lisbon, Barcelona, Naples, Malta, Thessalonica and İstanbul. The exhibition in Plato Art Space is also the final leg of the activities of Hulda Festival (

The exhibition is also undertaking the mission of building a bridge between young generation artists and Koman by presenting Candaş Şişman's work. Şişman's video Flux is influenced by Koman's sculptures (Pi, Moebius, Whirlpool and Ogre) and is dedicated to İlhan Koman's inspiring art. The video has a sound design which is also inspired by the materials of Koman's sculptures and is produced by Candaş Şişman.

The exhibition is curated by Yıldırım Arıcı and accompanied by a reader (published by Plato College of Higher Education) and it is featuring texts by Çetin Kanra, Aykut Köksal, Abidin Dino, Ferit Edgü, Burcu Beşlioğlu and a poem by Oktay Rıfat. "

(Plato Art Space, İstanbul contemporary art)

Fig.1 "Flux", Candaş Şişman, Hulda Festival 21 September 2010 – 23 November 2010 İstanbul, Turkey.







20103D animation • Abidin Dino • abstractionAmsterdamanimated sculptureanimationarchitectural formsartistartwork • Aykut Koksal • Barcelona • Bordeaux • Burcu Beslioglu • Candas Sisman • Cetin Kanra • contemporary art • Dervish • design formalismexhibition • Ferit Edgu • generative artgeometry • Hulda • Hulda Festival • Ilhan Koman • Istanbulkinetic sculptureLisbonMaltamaterial moving in space • Moebius (sculpture) • morphNaples • Ogre (sculpture) • Oktay Rifat • Pi (sculpture) • Plato Art Space • Plato College of Higher Education • primitive logicprimitive shapessculptorsculpturesound designStockholm • Thessalonica • TurkeyTurkish media art • Whirlpool (sculpture) • Yildirim Arici


Simon Perkins
25 FEBRUARY 2006

Pipe Dream a virtual musical instrument by Animusic




20013D animation3D visualisation • animated music • animated music machine • animated music videoanimated sculptureanimation • Animusic • ball bearingsballs • bass drum • bass synthesizer • bongo drum • church bell • computer simulation • cowbell • cymbalsdrum kit • drum synthesizer • drumselectric guitarhi-hatkinetic sound sculpturemarimbamechanical rhythmmotion design • music machine • music visualisation • musical instrument • pan flute • percussion instrumentpipe • Pipe Dream (2001) • simulation • snare drum • string instrument • tom-tom drum • tubes • vibraphone • virtual musical instrument • visual musicvisualisationwhimsical interactions • wood block

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