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19 JUNE 2007

Copy Shop: photocopying infinitum

"A man who works dedicatedly in a copy shop copies himself until he fills the whole world with his clones. This film actually consists of nearly 18,000 photocopied frames, which are animated and filmed with a 35mm camera."


Writer/director/editor: Virgil Widrich; Cinematographer: Martin Putz; Music: Alexander Zlamal; Actor: Johannes Silberschneider





2001 • Alexander Zlamal • authenticityblack and white • clone • cloningcopydoppelgangerduplicationessencefilmhigh concepthigh concept film • Johannes Silberschneider • loop • Martin Putz • photocopierphotocopyrepeatreproductionshort filmspeculative fictionsuffusionsurreal • Virgil Widrich
03 JANUARY 2004

The DJ authors by selection

"A DJ is somebody who exemplifies 'authoring by selection,' they are an example of how anti–montage aesthetics of continuity cuts across culture and is not limited to the creation of computer still and moving images and spaces. DJ?s art is measured by their ability to seamlessly go from one track to another. A great DJ is thus a compositor and anti–montage artist par excellence. They are able to create a perfect temporal transition from very different musical layers; in real time, in front of the dancing crowd."

(Hariri & Hariri, The Digital House, project, 1988)



1988 • anti-montage • archetypeauthorclosurecompositorcontinuitydisc jockeydisparateDJHariri and Hariri • infinitum • layermixremixrepeatsample • seamless • The Digital Housetransition

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