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26 JUNE 2013

A Class Divided: Jane Elliott's daring classroom experiment

"On the day after Martin Luther King was killed, I––one of my students came into the room and said they shot a king last night, Mrs. Elliott, why'd they shoot that king? I knew the night before that it was time to deal with this in a concrete way, not just talking about it, because we had talked about racism since the first day of school. But the shooting of Martin Luther King, who had been one of our heroes of the month in February, could not just be talked about and explained away. There was no way to explain this to little third graders in Riceville, Iowa. ...

I decided at that point that it was time to try the eye color thing, which I had thought about many, many times but had never used. So the next day I introduced an eye color exercise in my classroom and split the class according to eye color. And immediately created a microcosm of society in a third–grade classroom."

(Jane Elliott, 1985, PBS)

Frontline "A Class Divided": Season 3, Episode 9, A Class Divided (26 Mar. 1985), Director: William Peters, Writers: Charlie Cobb, William Peters.



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Simon Perkins
01 OCTOBER 2012

The Student Room: student discussion forum about Higher Education

"The Student Room is owned by a small but perfectly formed Brighton based company called Acumen PI, but soon to morph into The Student Room Group.

We're all passionate about The Student Room and our sister sites, and love working on them. Generally we see our role as facilitators, steering our sites forward in exciting ways, but we're under no illusions that it's the community of members that make The Student Room special and unique in the vast world of social media."

(Acumen Professional Intelligence, UK)



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Simon Perkins

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