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20 JULY 2014

Jonathan Ross Presents for One Week Only: Aki Kaurismäki



1990 • Aki Kaurismaki • alcoholAmerican English • Ariel (1988) • auteurauthorial signatureblack comedyblack humour • bleakness • boredom • Calamari Union (1985) • Channel 4 • comedy (genre) • cool • Crime and Punishment (1983) • dark comedydeadpan expressiondirecting styleEstoniaEuropean cinemafilm directorfilmmakerFinlandFinnish • For One Week Only (1990) • Hamlet liikemaailmassa (1987) • happinessHelsinki • I Hired a Contract Killer (1990) • indie cinemainternational film festival • Jonathan Ross • Leningrad Cowboys Go America (1989) • Margi Clarke • Midnight Sun Film Festival • modestyquirky • Shadows in Paradise (1986) • social realism • Sodankyla • The Match Factory Girl (1990)


Simon Perkins

Neurocinematics: The Neuroscience of Film

"This article describes a new method for assessing the effect of a given film on viewers' brain activity. Brain activity was measured using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) during free viewing of films, and inter–subject correlation analysis (ISC) was used to assess similarities in the spatiotemporal responses across viewers' brains during movie watching. Our results demonstrate that some films can exert considerable control over brain activity and eye movements. However, this was not the case for all types of motion picture sequences, and the level of control over viewers' brain activity differed as a function of movie content, editing, and directing style. We propose that ISC may be useful to film studies by providing a quantitative neuroscientific assessment of the impact of different styles of filmmaking on viewers' brains, and a valuable method for the film industry to better assess its products. Finally, we suggest that this method brings together two separate and largely unrelated disciplines, cognitive neuroscience and film studies, and may open the way for a new interdisciplinary field of 'neurocinematic' studies."

(Uri Hasson, Ohad Landesman et al.)

Hasson, U., Landesman, O., Knappmeyer, B., Vallines, I., Rubin, N. and Heeger, D. (2008), Neurocinematics: The neuroscience of films. Projections: The Journal for Movies and Mind 2, 1–26.


Barbara Knappmeyer • brain • brain activity • cognitive control • cognitive film theory • cognitive neuroscience • computational neuroscience • David J. Heeger • directing style • eye movement • eye-trackingfilm editingfilm industryfilm studies • film viewing • fMRI • functional magnetic resonance imaging • Ignacio Vallines • inter-subject correlation • inter-subject correlation analysis • interdisciplinary field • ISC • motion picture sequences • movie content • movie watching • Nava Rubin • neurocinematic studiesneurocinematicsneuroscience • neuroscience and film • neuroscience of film • Ohad Landesman • perception • Projections (journal) • psychophysics • quantitative neuroscientific assessment • similarities • social neuroscience • spatiotemporal responses • styles of filmmaking • Uri Hasson • viewerviewingvisionvisual perception


Simon Perkins

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