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06 OCTOBER 2015

Hans Rosling: Don't Panic - The Truth About Population

"'Don't Panic' is a one-hour long documentary produced by Wingspan Productions and broadcasted on BBC on the 7th of November 2013.




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Simon Perkins

Design Thinking: DesignLab's 2-day Workshop in Kuala Lumpur

"DesignLab© is a 2 days Design Thinking workshop that introduces professionals from multi–disciplined industries to work as a collective to create solutions using design process. Participant will be able to adopt a system and use it repetitively in solving the most complex challenges by understanding the process that is involved.

With today's global economy, design thinking does not only allow us to be individually innovative, but also appreciation the collaborative spirit of eclectic ideas, better team building to produce solutions that are unique and creative.

In this DesignLab©, Granma Inc from Japan will be collaborating with us by providing real world issues and the selected project from Designlab© will be chosen as a part of solution provided at places most underserved on our planet. Some of the countries Granma Inc are involved are in rural spaces of India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Bangladash (sic) and other developing nations. With the collaboration, participants will be able to experience the importance of Design Thinking as an important innovation tool in their lives and others."

(Thinklab, 2012)



2012Bangladesh • collaborative spirit • create solutions • creating unique solutions • creative industries • creative solutions • creative think tank • design processdesign thinkingdeveloping nations • eclectic ideas • Granma Inc • Indiainnovation and creativityinnovation processinnovation seminarsinterdisciplinaryJapanKuala Lumpur • Make Condition Design (agency) • MalaysiamultidisciplinarityMyanmar • real world issues • real-world designrural spaces • solving complex challenges • Sri Lanka • team-building • working as a collective • workshop


Simon Perkins

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