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01 APRIL 2014

Kawehi lays down The Way You Make Me Feel layer by layer



beat • beatbox • beatbox artist • beatbox music • bedroom • Boss FS6 Dual Footswitch • Boss RC-300 Loop Station • digital creativitydrum beat • effects pedal • effects unit • FX pedal • generated loopsHawaiianHonolulu • Kawehi • layered technique • loopingloopsmaking musicMichael Jacksonmulti-trackmusic covermusic loopsmusical interpretationmusiciannew approachespattern • Paul Wight • performerplaying music • realtime recording • revelationreverse-engineerrhythmsamplingsequencersingersound performance • The Way You Make Me Feel (song) • tracksvirtual band • vocal effects • voiceswomen in music


Simon Perkins

Lana Del Rey covers 'Blue Velvet' for H&M ad

"Lana Del Rey has recorded a cover of the classic track 'Blue Velvet' for a commercial for clothing company H&M"


Fig.1, 2 Directed by Johan Renck for H&M



2012 • autumn collection • Blue Velvet (1986)Bobby Vinton • classic track • clothing companycreative inspirationDavid Lynchdesign stylefashion design collection • H and M • homagein-between narratives • Johan Renck • Lana Del Rey • mise-en-scenemusic clipmusic covernarrative scenesotherworldlinessstyletableau vivanttheatrical spaceTVCvisual dramavisual spectacle


Simon Perkins
12 AUGUST 2012

Gotye remixes the covers: Somebodies A YouTube Orchestra

"Reluctant as I am to add to the mountain of interpretations of Somebody That I Used To Know seemingly taking over their own area of the internet, I couldn't resist the massive remixability that such a large, varied yet connected bundle of source material offered.

 I was directly inspired here by Kutiman's Thru–You project:–zfQA‬
 Wonderful stuff!

 Thankyou to everyone who has responded to Somebody That I Used To Know via YouTube. It's truly amazing! All audio and video in Somebodies is from the YouTube user videos featured, each of them a cover or parody of Somebody That I Used To Know. No extra sounds were added to the mix, but I used some EQ, filtering, pitch–shifting and time–stretching to make the music.

 A full list of links to the original videos is available here:
‪ ‬

I avoided using any existing remixes of the song, or any covers from tv talent shows.
 As comprehensive and extensive as I tried to be with my downloading of source videos, I know there are many clips that I missed. 

I used Ableton Live for audio stretching, pitch–shifting and the initial video editing, and Adobe's After Effects to put the final video together. 

Big thanks to Travis Banko for assistance with downloading source videos, and to James Bryans for After Effects tutelage.

 Thankyou to Barry for being Barry, and guiding us all. Thanks to you for listening.


Gotye (Wouter De Backer)

1). Remixed version by Wally (13:45, 04 August 2012) "Gotye – Somebodies: A YouTube Orchestra", published on 12 Aug 2012 by gotyemusic.

2). Original version by Wally: "Gotye – Somebody That I Used To Know (feat. Kimbra)", uploaded by gotyemusic on 5 Jul 2011.



2012 • Ableton Live • After Effects • audio stretching • Australasiaauthorshipcollection of video clipsdownloadingedited together • EQ • filtering • Gotye (Wouter De Backer) • homage • James Bryans • Kimbra Johnson • Kutimanmixmusicmusic clipmusic covermusic videomusical interpretationmusician • pitch-shifting • remixremix cultureremixabilityremixesSomebody That I Used To Know (song)song • source material • source videos • sutureThruYOU Project • time-stretching • Travis Banko • user-generated contentvideo clipsvideo collagevideo editingvirtual bandvirtual collaborationvirtual orchestra • Wouter De Backer • YouTubeYouTube Orchestra


Simon Perkins

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