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30 JANUARY 2014

100+ Years of Design Manifestos

"Since the days of radical printer–pamphleteers, design and designers have a long history of fighting for what's right and working to transform society. The rise of the literary form of the manifesto also parallels the rise of modernity and the spread of letterpress printing. ...

The original list was largely drawn from Mario Piazza's presentation at the Più Design Può conference in Florence, though I've edited and added to it. I've also incorporated links where I was able to find them."

(John Emerson, 22 July 2009, Social Design Notes)



Albe Steiner • Alberto Marangoni • Allan Chochinov • anti-manifesto • Antonio Sant Elia • architectureArts and Crafts MovementBauhaus School • Blair Enns • Bruce MauBruce SterlingBruno TautDanish designDe Stijl • Dean Allen • design manifesto • Dieter RamsDogme 95El Lissitzky • Ellen Lupton • Filippo Tommaso MarinettiFuturism • Gelsomino DAmbrosio • Giancarlo Iliprandi • Gianfranco Torri • Giovanni Anceschi • Giovanni Baule • Giovanni Lussu • GNUgood designgraphic designGuy DebordIcogradainfographicsJeffrey Zeldman • Karim Rashid • Kathleen Hanna • Ken Garland • Laszlo Moholy-Nagyletterpress printing • literary form • manifestoManuel Lima • Mario Piazza • Mark Goldman • Marke Hamburg • Michael Erard • Mitch Goldstein • Noah Scalin • pamphleteer • Patrik Schumacher • Pierre Bernard • Pino Grimaldi • publishing • radical rethinking • Scandinavian Design Council • Society of the Spectacle (Guy Debord)typography • Umair Haque • un-manifesto • Walter Gropius • Warren Berger • William McDonough • William Morris


Liam Birtles
12 AUGUST 2012

Rob Nilsson: indie filmmaker and small format video feature pioneer

"Rob Nilsson pioneered small analog and digital formats and created a low–budget cinematic style called direct action. He established the Tenderloin Action Group (now called the Tenderloin yGroup) in 1990, a drama workshop for homeless people, inner–city San Francisco residents and professional actors. He was the first video maker to blow up small–format video to 35 mm film for international theatrical distribution. His work has screened at festivals in the United States and abroad, including Mill Valley, Toronto, Santa Barbara, San Francisco and Locarno. Nilsson's work has been honored with numerous awards, including the Camera d'Or at Cannes and the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival (he was the first American Director to win both)."

(Media Arts Fellow)

Fig.1 scene from Rob Nilsson (1987). "Heat and Sunlight", Betacam SP to 35mm film transfer.



198535mmAmerican directoranalogueanalogue and digital formatsavailable lightBetacam SPblack and white • blow up small-format video • Chikara Motomura • cinema of the street • cinematic style • citizen cinema (ethos) • convergence • direct action (ethos) • Dogme 95film actingfilmmakerfly-on-the-wallindependent cinemaindependent filmindie cinemainfluential directorlow budgetlow lightlow-budgetlow-budget film • Media Arts Fellow • Michael Edo Keane • new technical possibilitiesrealism • Rob Nilsson • San Francisco • Signal 7 (film) • small format video feature • tape to film transfer • Tenderloin Action Group • Tenderloin yGroup • underground cinema • video to film transfer • videomaker


Simon Perkins

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