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18 DECEMBER 2012

Eraserhead Stories: David Lynch on the Making of His Famously Nightmarish First Film

"Not only does the documentary Eraserhead Stories offer as much information as you'll find anywhere on the making of David Lynch's first feature film, it has a few Lynchian qualities of its own. For almost an hour and a half, David Lynch sits down behind a microphone and reminisces about the six years his ragtag team spent putting the movie together. But he does it in black–and–white, in front of a curtain, smoking, like something out of an early–1950s television broadcast. The ambient dull roar of an ill wind appears, intermittently and inexplicably, on the soundtrack. Photographs flash by, supporting some of Lynch's inspiring, arduous, and bizarre recollections. Many of his stories deal with the nuts and bolts of bringing one's financially impoverished but creatively overflowing early movies into reality."

(Colin Marshall, 17 December 2012, Open Culture)

David Lynch (2001). "Eraserhead Stories".




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Simon Perkins
12 AUGUST 2012

Alfred Hitchcock interviewed by Tom Snyder in 1973

"Long thought to be lost or destroyed a complete recording has been found of one of the few hour long interviews of Alfred Hitchcock . Originally broadcast as one of the first Tomorrow Shows with Tom Snyder in the Fall of 1973. This recording is from a second repeat of this show broadcast on Memorial day, 1980.

The VHS (SP) tape itself was found to be in excellent condition. While properly stored in a climate controlled environment it apparently had not been played in decades. Great care has been taken to make the digital transfer."

Uploaded by "willg550187415" on 8 Oct 2009



1973Alfred Hitchcockblack humourBritishBritish directorBritish film director • cameo appearance • chat show • cinemacinema historycinema pioneerfamous peoplefamous personalitiesfilmfilm directorhistorical figureshistory of cinemainnovatorinterview • lost tapes • pioneerpractitioner interview • suspense • talk show • television interview • Tom Snyder • Tomorrow Show with Tom Snyder • TVVHS


Simon Perkins

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