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08 JANUARY 2012

Does electronic literature have a future?

"Does electronic literature have a future? Is Google the end of the World? What is the role of digital poetics in global politics? These issues and more are discussed with J. R. Carpenter, John Cayley, Maria Mencia, Scott Rettberg, Alexandra Saemmer, Roberto Simanowski, and Jaka Železnikar."

A video–essay by Talan Memmott and David Prater, September 2011 at the ELMCIP Electronic Literature and New Media Art Seminar in Ljubljana Slovenia.



2011 • Alexandra Saemmer • Blekinge Institute of Technology • bookcollaborative research projectconvergencecreative researchcreativity and innovationdigital culture • digital poetics • distributed communication environment • Edinburgh College of Art • electronic literature • Electronic Literature and New Media • electronic literature community • ELMCIP • Facebookglobal politicsglobalisationGoogle Inc • HERA • Humanities in the European Research Area • innovation in practice • J. R. Carpenter • Jaka Zeleznikar • John Cayley • JRPliterature • Maria Mencia • network-based creative community • networked creativity • New Media Scotland • publishingreadingreading experienceresearch and practice • Roberto Simanowski • Scott Rettberg • Sloveniatactile experience • Talan Memmott • the future of the booktranscultural • transnational • University College Falmouth • University of Amsterdam • University of Bergen • University of Jyvaskyla • University of Ljubljana • video essay


Simon Perkins
29 OCTOBER 2009

Art and Culture Destination

"The aim of Culture.Info is to be the first port–of–call for users seeking cultural information on a particular topic. Each Culture.Info sub–portal will provide a carefully researched set of listings of links to information that is more focused and useful than can usually be obtained from the vast majority of existing listings or search engines.

Cultural areas will be added in due course in the following key areas:

* Heritage–including archaeology, archives, conservation, history, heritage, museums

* Media–including advertising, broadcasting, digital & new media, film, games, publishing, radio, television

* Performing–including circus, comedy, dance, festivals, music, opera, puppetry, theatre

* Pursuits–including antiques & collecting, hobbies & pastimes, outdoor activities

* Sport–individual and team, and also sports involving animals

* Visual–including architecture, crafts, design, exhibitions, galleries, painting, photography, sculpture

* Words–including books & literature, languages, libraries, reading, writing

* A place could be a country, a region or even a city."



activities • advertisingantiquesarchaeologyarchitecturearchivesarts and culturebooksbroadcastingbrokeragecircuscitycollectingcomedyconservationcountrycrafts • • dancedesigndigital mediaEuclidexhibitionsfestivalsfilmfundinggalleriesgamesheritagehistory • hobbies • languageslibrariesliteraturemediamuseummusicnew mediaoperaoutdoorpaintingpastimesperformingphotographypublishingpuppetryradioreadingregionsculpturesporttelevisiontheatreUKwriting


Simon Perkins
21 JUNE 2006

Barthes: Death Of The Author

"The author is a modern figure, produced no doubt by our society insofar as, at the end of the middle ages, with English empiricism, French rationalism and the personal faith of the Reformation, it discovered the prestige of the individual, or, to put it more nobly, of the 'human person' Hence it is logical that with regard to literature it should be positivism, resume and the result of capitalist ideology, which has accorded the greatest importance to the author's 'person'."

(Roland Barthes 1993)

Barthes, Roland (1993) "Image Music Text", Fontana Press.



1967Aspen (magazine)auteur theoryauthenticityauthorshipBertolt Brecht • Blaise Cendrars • capitalist ideologyCharles Baudelairecitation • classical criticism • collective writing • connoisseurshipcontestationcult of the authordeath of the author • decipher • empiricismgeniusGustave FlaubertHonore de Balzac • Image-Music-Text • individualinterpretationlanguageliterary criticismliteratureMarcel Proust • mediator • Modern • multiple writings • multiplicitiesparody • Paul Claudel • Paul ValeryProtestant Reformation • rationalism • readingRoland Barthesromantic • scriptor • shaman • Stephane Mallarme • subtilisationsurrealism • Thomas De Quincey • utterancesvoices

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