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23 JUNE 2015

Moritz Stefaner: Selfiecity

Moritz Stefaner speaking about his work on the project (part 2) at the 'Visualized' conference in New York, 6-7 February 2014.



2014 • Alise Tifentale • amateur cultural production • Amazon Mechanical Turk • BangkokBerlinbig databrowsing interfacecitiescognitive sciencecultural artefactscultural specificity • Daniel Goddemeyer • data abstraction • data filtering • data visualisation • design collaboration • design conferencedigital humanities • Dominikus Baur • faceface recognitionfaces of peoplefacial analysisfacial compositefiltering • human activity • information aestheticsinformation visualisationInstagram • Jay Chow • Lev Manovich • mass selfie • Mehrdad Yazdani • Moritz Stefaner • Moscow • Nadav Hochman • new media artNew Yorkportrait photographSan PaoloselfieSelfiecity (2014)social media projecttelematicsTokyo • University of Applied Sciences Potsdam • University of Osnabrueck • video lecturevisualising dataVisualized conference


Liam Birtles
09 AUGUST 2012

Chris Saunders: One to One Hundred Project

"With this project I intend to concentrate purely on taking close up photographs of faces of people from my hometown of Sheffield. I will photograph 100 people, one person for every year of age, each of whom will be asked to provide the clearest photograph they can find taken when they were younger. This picture, along with the photograph I take, will be placed together to form the final version of each piece showing how the subject's face has changed over the intervening years."

(Chris Saunders)

Fig.1 Chris Saunders (2012) "Danny aged 3 and 54", One to One Hundred Project.



2012change observer • changes over time • Chris Saunders • close up photographs • close-up • Danny Kaye • face • faces • faces of peoplefacial nuancehometown • One to One Hundred Project • photographerphotographic portrait • portrait photographer • portraitureSheffieldsubtletyUKyouth and age


Simon Perkins
30 APRIL 2007

Alexander Honory: One World With Many Faces

"The aim of One World with Many Faces is to create a record of the faces of people from 12 major cities on four continents.

In each city I take photographs and short videos of 720 city–dwellers in order to capture 8,000 faces from all over the world. All the people are photographed in the same container, in front of the same backdrop, and with the same lighting. In this way the inhabitants of 12 capital cities from different continents come together in the same room and under the same circumstances.

From the video material I produce a 24–hour video, in which every face appears for 10 seconds. For each city I also print a book with the faces the of the respective city's inhabitants: Vienna, Bogotá, Buenos Aires, Panama City, Antwerpen, Lodz, Tokyo, etc."

(Alexander Honory)



2002 • Alexander Honory • Antwerpen • Bogota • Buenos Airesfacefaces of peopleheterogeneousidentityinformation aesthetics • Lodz • normative • One World with Many Faces • Panama City • personal portrait • photographportrait photographportraiturerepresentationstandardisationTokyoViennavisual depictionvisual identityvisualisationWien
16 NOVEMBER 2004

The Peoples Portrait: a global networked public art project

"On 27 October [2004], media artist Zhang Ga and students from Parsons will debut The Peoples' Portrait: A Global Networked Public Art Project' on the world's largest digital display at the Reuters North American Headquarters in Times Square, and simultaneously in cities around the world. The Peoples' Portrait harnesses the Internet to create global portraits of a diverse range of people in their unique environments, rendered in real time and displayed instantaneously in New York, Brisbane (Australia), Rotterdam (The Netherlands), Linz (Austria), and Singapore."

(Parsons Public Relations, 25/10/2004)

Originally posted on the Whitney Museum Portal at: (this link is now dead).



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