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24 JUNE 2015

i-Docs: website of this emerging interactive documentary form

"You will find a number of definitions and points-of-view on what constitutes an interactive documentary. At this point in the development of this fast-moving field we feel that it is important to have an expansive definition that can embrace the many different kinds of work that are emerging. The i-Docs site includes coverage of projects that you may find elsewhere described as web-docs, transmedia documentaries, serious games, cross-platform docs, locative docs, docu-games, pervasive media. For us any project that starts with an intention to document the 'real' and that does so by using digital interactive technology can be considered an i-doc. What unites all these projects is this intersection between digital interactive technology and documentary practice. Where these two things come together, the audience become active agents within documentary – making the work unfold through their interaction and often contributing content. If documentary is about telling stories about our shared world; we are interested in what happens as the audience get more closely involved in this way. At the heart of i-Docs is the question; what opportunities emerge as documentary becomes something that is co-created?"

(Digital Cultures Research Centre at University of the West of England)



2011 • active agents • active audienceBristolco-creator-ship • cross-platform docs • design for the screen • Digital Cultures Research Centre • digital storytelling • docu-games • docufiction • document the real • documentary formdocumentary practicedocumentary truthhybrid formshypermediai-Doc • i-Docs project • interactive digital narrativesinteractive documentaryinteractive multimediainteractive storytelling • Jon Dovey • Judith Aston • locative docs • online multimedia • our shared world • pervasive media • Sandra Gaudenzi • serious gamestheir stories • transmedia documentaries • University of the West of England • UWE Bristol • web-based documentary • web-docs


Simon Perkins
17 DECEMBER 2014

BBC launches new interactive drama Footballers United

"Footballers United features five chapters which consist of video, audio, image and text content, with the overall experience being around 60 minutes. Archived content is presented by well-known football player Gemma Fay, Captain and Goalkeeper of the Scottish National Women's Football team. ...

Audience interaction: Each part of the story is a standalone piece of content which is shareable online. A clever interactive timeline prompts the audience to access related archive content, such as images, text and video. When selected, this content appears as an overlay on the screen, with the drama paused in the background.

For a more personal experience the audience can sign in via Facebook and the timeline maps events in WW1 to their social media graph; showing how their friends and a modern day social community would have fared throughout the war. For example, when the viewer pass the first day of the Somme in the drama, a social item will appear that shows the number of their friends that would have lost their lives had they been in the battle at the time."

(BBC Media Centre, 11 December 2014)





2014 • a whole generation • Alex Winckler • archive footageaudience interactionBBC History • BBC Learning • BBC Taster • changes for women • changing lives • creative nonfiction • culture change • curated content • devastating effects • digital storytelling • docu-fiction • docufictionEdinburghexpository addendum • factual format • factually accurate narrative • fictional and archived content • football player • football teamFootballers United (2014) • Gemma Fay • Heart of Midlothian (football team) • historical drama • Holly Jack • interactive digital narrativesinteractive dramainteractive features • interactive guide • interactive mediainteractive storytellinginteractive timeline • iWonder • Keiran Gallacher • Leah Byrne • linear drama • literary nonfiction • multimedia storytelling • narrative nonfiction • new responsibilities • new sense of freedom • online multimedia • playing football • related archive content • Robert Armitage • Scotland • Scottish National Womens Football • supporting content • Tim Wright • timeline • true story • World War Iyoung people


Simon Perkins

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