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10 OCTOBER 2014

Design agency Seismik uses moiré pattern to clever effect

"The packaged printed grill gives people the power of transformation through movement. ... The outer packaging with its printed grid means as soon as people pull the insert out it will cause the effect without instruction needed. As well as the primary kinetic piece on each side there is a secondary more subtle one in the background."

(Nottingham design agency: Seismik)



2014animation • Backlit galleries • folding gallery wall spaces • folding geometry • folding moving spaces • Frank Kent • gallery programme • geometrical patterns • grid pattern • grill • illusionistic imagesinteractive elementskinetic animation • kinetic piece • mailshotmoire patternNottinghamop art • op art approach • optical effectoptical toyperceptual organisationprint media • printed grill • printwork • promo mailshot • Samuel Morely • Seismik (agency) • Simon Dunn • superimpositionvisual effectsvisual illusionvisual patternvisual recognition • visual superimposition • whole forms


Simon Perkins

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