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17 JANUARY 2014

Westminster Papers in Communication and Culture

"Westminster Papers in Communication and Culture (WPCC) is a peer–reviewed journal, published four times a year in hard copy and online.

WPCC recognises the interdisciplinary nature of the field of Media and Cultural Studies, and therefore deliberately encourages diverse methods, contexts and themes.

Particular interests include, but are not limited to, work related to Popular Culture, Media Audiences, Political Economy, Promotional Culture, New Media, Political communication, Migration and Diasporic Studies.

A major goal of the WPCC is to help develop a de–westernised and transcultural sphere that engages both young and established scholars from different parts of the world in a critical debate about the relationship between communication, culture and society in the 21st Century."

(Anthony McNicholas)


21st century • Andrea Medrado • Anthony McNicholas • Communication and Media Research Institute (CAMRI) • critical debate • critical discoursecultural studiesculture and society • de-westernised • diaspora • diasporic studies • ethnographic researchinterdisciplinary thinking • media and cultural studies • media audiences • media communication • media studies • migration studies • new mediapeer-reviewed journal • political communication • political economypopular culture • promotional culture • transculturalUniversity of Westminster • Westminster Papers in Communication and Culture (WPCC) • WPCC


Simon Perkins
09 DECEMBER 2012

IAMAS 情報科学芸術大学院大学 / Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences

"Cultivating new media creators in a variety of fields IAMAS was opened in 2001 both as a hub for training new creators in an information society, and as an educational institution that fuses together advanced technology and artistic creativity to produce new culture. Since then IAMAS has graduated a large number of information technology specialists who are active in the broad field of media culture and industry, garnering high praise not just in Japan, but internationally as well. The school's activities cover many disciplines and offer new possibilities to industry. These activities include interaction design and media products that lead to collaboration with industry, media art that constantly explores new methods of expression, social research and design, as well as new publishing ideas. All of these endeavors exemplify the spirit of pioneering into new fields. The Department of Media Creation at IAMAS is a place where people with the desire to create something new are able to meet, collaborate, and challenge each other."



2001 • advanced technology • art and designcreative industry • diverse faculty • education and research • hands-on facilities • IAMAS • IAMAS Media Lab • industry collaboration • information society • information technology specialists • innovative media • Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences • interaction designinterdisciplinary thinkingJapan • joint research • media art • media culture industry • new culture • new fields • new methods of expression • new publishing • prototyping lab • research and design • social research • Softopia Japan • software development • The Department of Media Creation • the future of society • unique curriculum • visual studio


Simon Perkins
06 AUGUST 2012

International Conference on the Image: Thread to the Unknown

Third International Conference on the Image, Higher School of Humanities and Journalism, Poznań, Poland, 14–16 September 2012

"Welcome to the Third International Conference on the Image. The conference will be held at the Higher School of Humanities and Journalism, Poznań, Poland from 14–16 September 2012 and is organized in partnership with the Polish Mediations Biennale 3, The Unknown–Nieznane. The conference encompasses participation in Biennale Special Events including a Biennale Day on September 15 featuring curators Tomasz Wendland, Fumio Nanjo, Denise Carvalho, and Friedhelm Mennekes, as well as the opportunity to submit artistic work for consideration in a Special Exhibition at the Polish Mediations Biennale.

In conversation with the MEDIATIONS BIENNALE theme, 'The Unknown–Nieznane', The Image Conference will address the 2012 special conference theme–The Thread to the Unknown: Is the Unknown a construct? Can we hold the pretense that human hands and minds organize the realm of the Unknown? Are our constructions replicas of known things that hide the unknown from us?

The conference aims to shed light on the boundaries of language, culture, scientific research, artistic production, and visual communication in relation to the Unknown–Are there structural limits in science and human society that necessarily hide what is unknown from us? Or is the Unknown the complex and enormous form of existence that includes our knowledge and consciousness as one very small element?"

(Third International Conference on the Image)


2012 • amateur imaging • art and design conferenceart and visual culture • artistic production • artsboundaries • commercial imaging • Common Ground (publishing) • culture boundaries • Denise Carvalho • Dragan Zivadinov • form of existence • Friedhelm Mennekes • Fumio Nanjo • Higher School of Humanities and Journalism • image archiving • image discovery • image libraries • interdisciplinary thinkinginternational conference • International Conference on the Image • International Journal of the Image • Jasia Reichardt • knowledge and consciousness • knowledge community • language boundaries • Mediations Biennale • Miha Tursic • multi-modalmultimodalitymuseum • Nieznane • perceptionPoland • Polish Mediations Biennale • Poznan • professional imaging • propaganda • research conference • science and human society • scientific researchsurveillancetelevision • the image • The Image Conference • The Unknown • Tomasz Wendland • unknownvisual communicationvisualisation


Simon Perkins

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