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28 JANUARY 2016

Herland: the forgotten feminist classic from 1915

"Charlotte Perkins Gilman's novel, Herland, is regarded by many as the pioneering feminist utopian novel. Authored in 1915 (but published as a monograph only in 1978), Herland is intended as a social critique, and as a sociological theorist, Gilman sees herself as a change agent for a better social life for women especially, as well as society in general. Like other intellectuals at the turn of the 20th century, Gilman struggled to theorise her social vision, whilst simultaneously placing great efforts at promoting her vision in a package that is attractive to the masses. By self-consciously distancing herself from the intellectuals of her time, she crafted her works as endeavours at transforming society. With the utopian novel as her genre of choice, Gilman provides readers with a deeper sense of understanding of the ills of a society that subscribes to and is fixated with masculinity. As such, it is the contention of this paper to discuss Gilman's second novel, Herland as a feminist utopian novel critiquing some aspects of culture Gilman describes as androcentric and to briefly link the images portrayed by Gilman in Herland to the Jungian theory of archetypes with some reference to female archetypal images."

(Shahizah Ismail Hamdan and Ravichandran Vengadasamy, 2006)

Shahizah Ismail Hamdan, and Ravichandran Vengadasamy , (2006) Herland and Charlotte Perkin Gilman's Utopian Social Vision of Women And Society. e-BANGI: Jurnal Sains Sosial dan Kemanusiaan, 1 (1). pp. 1-8. ISSN 1823-884x


191520th centuryallegorical displacementsallegory • Aryan women • asexual reproduction • biplane • Charlotte Perkins Gilman • critiquedystopian science fiction • expedition party • fantastical • feminist • feminist classic • feminist critique • Forerunner (magazine) • gender politics • held captive • Herland (1915) • human reproduction • ideal social order • imaginary worldsinfluential worksisland • isolated society • LibriVox • masculinity • moral speculation • motherhoodnovel • parthenogenesis • power • public domain audiobook • reimagined • revolutionary world • sci-fiscience fictionscience fiction fantasyshort storysocial constructionismsocial orderingsocietyspeculative fiction • uncharted land • utopia • utopian novel • what ifwomen


Simon Perkins
06 AUGUST 2012

Crete travel promotion to allay fears about the Greek financial crisis

"Crete Island, the cradle of European Civilization, and its friendly people wish you a nice staying! We promise that you will have an unforgettable Mediterranean travelling experience, whether you are visiting Crete for the first time or you are a regular visitor. This is the place where you can relax or discover the mountains, the sea, the towns and the countryside. Live the heartbeat of the Island from dawn to dusk. Discover your Crete!

Το Νησί μας και οι φιλόξενοι κάτοικοί του σας εύχονται καλή διαμονή στο λίκνο του Ευρωπαϊκού Πολιτισμού. Για σας που έρχεστε πρώτη φορά, για σας που μας επισκέπτεσθε τακτικά για ξεκούραση ή για να ανακαλύψετε τις αμέτρητες, φανερές και κρυμμένες ομορφιές της Κρήτης σε βουνά και θάλασσες, στις πόλεις και στην ύπαιθρο, υποσχόμαστε φιλόξενη και αξέχαστη, μεσογειακή διαμονή."

(Regional Unit of Crete, 2012)

Fig. "The island of Crete – See for yourself, Feel for yourself", Official tourism spot of Region of Crete. Created for the Greek island of Crete by Teo Papadoulakis.



2012advertisementadvertising images • Agios Nikolaos • allay fears • archaeological sitesAthensausterity measuresawareness raising • Chania • Crete • Crete Island • cultural heritage sitesdebt crisisEuropean Union • feel for yourself • financial crisis • friendly people • GreeceGreek financial crisis • Greek island of Crete • Heraclion • Heraklion • Ierapetra • Iraklion • island • island of Crete • Mediterranean • official tourism spot • online advertising • Region of Crete • Regional Unit of Crete • Rethymno • see for yourself • Sitia • Teo Papadoulakis • tourismtourism destinationtravel and leisuretravel promotion • travel trade • travelling experience • visitor • welcoming tourism • world heritage sites


Simon Perkins
25 MAY 2009

Carteret Islanders: the first climate change refugees

"Carteret Islanders of Papua New Guinea have become the first climate refugees as they relocate to new sites to escape the effects of climate change on their homeland.

According to PNG's Post Courier, the islanders moved to their new homes, Tinputz, the relocation site, last Wednesday to prepare the land for their families to move over permanently.
There were reports in the media earlier in the year and even late last year stating that the Carteret Islanders will be the first refugees of climate change and this has come to pass."
(Solomon Islands News, 06 May 2009)

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2009 • atoll • Bouganville • Carteret Atoll • Carteret Islands • citizenshipclimate change • climate change awareness • climate change casualtycommunitydisplacementecological crisis • flooded conditions • flooding • global responsibilityisland • Kilinailau Islands • PacificPacific islandPacific RimPapua New Guinea • PNG • refugee • relocation • social changeSolomon Islandssustainability • Tinputz • traditiontransformation • Tulun


Simon Perkins

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