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29 FEBRUARY 2016

Hominid: an animated short film teaser

Written and Directed by Brian Andrews; Animation Supervisor: Joe Daniels; Lead Character Technical Director: Rodney Brett; Character Technical Director: Omar Garcia, Rob Garcia, Andrew Manuel; Story Artist: Janine Labar; Animation: Jason Alas, Brittany Barnes, Denice Dehelean, Andrew Manuel, John Treleaven, Tim Xenakis; Shading: Vincent Jaramillo, Matthew Picasso; Modelling: Pedro Ferreira, Dakota Fulmer, Sam Hedberg, Abraham Rodriguez, Joshua Roth, Darrell White; Compositing: Kyle Greenberg, Nate Rodriguez; Dynamic Effects: Tyler Giusti; Sound Design: Bryan Atarama, David Claudio; Composer: Jordan Suhr; Title Design: Adrian Amler, Patches, Angela You; Thanks to: Andrew Dayton, Adrian Miller, John Scanlon, Andrew Schlussel, Josh Qualtieri. Produced at Ex'pression College for Digital Arts. Copyright 2011 Brian Andrews.




20113D animationanimated sequence • animated short • animated short film • animated teaser • atmospheric presence • bones • Brian Andrews • chase scenecreaturedangerous environments • Expression College for Digital Arts • flying creature • frog • Hominid (2012) • hominidae • hominids • human skeleton • human x-ray • humanoidmonochromatic • photo-composite • sepiaskeletonspiderteaser trailertranslucence • veterinary x-ray • visual style • winged creature • x-ray


Simon Perkins
05 AUGUST 2012

Paolo Gioli's cinematic tone poem to Marilyn Monroe

"Italian film maker Paolo Gioli creates a haunting short movie by animating photographs taken by Bert Stern of Marilyn Monroe shortly before she died at the age of 36, fifty years ago today.

Filmarilyn is both beautiful and foreboding. As the film's jazzy rhythms start to disintegrate and the images slow to a crawl, 'X' marks on the contact sheets appear like magical curses and a fresh scar on Marilyn's flesh transforms into a stigmata while her face, half–hidden by shrouds of white, eyes closed, turns impossibly pale and lifeless. In the final moments, close–ups of her hands in death–like repose seem almost saintly and as the film's last frames unspool we are left with the sense of having seen an apparition, a ghost... a soul X–rayed.

It's amazing how much power and sadness Gioli creates from so few elements – a testimony to his artistry, Marilyn's radiance and Stern's skill in capturing it."

(Marc Campbell, 05 August 2012, Dangerous Minds)

Fig.1 Paolo Gioli (1992) "Filmarilyn", uploaded to Vimeo by Volodymyr Bilyk.



1992 • actress • animated sequenceanimated video • animating photographs • apparitionavant-garde cinema • Bert Stern • blondecelluloid • contact sheet • cultural icondeath • death-like repose • depth of focus • disintegrate • experimental film • eyes closed • Filmarilyn • Filmmarilyn • final moments • forebodingfound imagesframe by frameghost • haunting • HollywoodHollywood starletjazz rhythm • lifeless • manipulated images • Marilyn Monroe • modulated object framing • motion designnon-narrative • Paolo Gioli • photographic blow-upspop iconre-purposerhythmic motionrisque • scar • scavengedsequence design • sex symbol • short film • short movie • shrouds of white • simulate dimensionality • slow to a crawl • soul • stigmata • still images • still photographs • stop-frame animation • superstar • tantalizing • tone poem • unspool • visual recessions • X marks • x-ray


Simon Perkins

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