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19 DECEMBER 2012

North Korean 'Propaganda' is the real viral hit of 2012

"Propaganda 2012 is a 95–minute video that presents itself as a North Korean educational video intending to inform the citizens of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea about the dangers of Western propaganda. The video's uploader, known as 'Sabine', reiterates a statement she gave to the Federal Police regarding the movie's origins. She explains how the film was given to her by people claiming to be North Korean defectors whilst she was visiting Seoul. ...

Although the origins of Propaganda 2012 are contentious, its power lies in the fact that much of its content attempts to avoid invented history. Considering the media buzzwords associated with the alleged country of origin, Propaganda 2012 turns a mirror onto the Western world and seeks to criticise its entire history and culture–from the genocide and imperialism of its past, to the interventionism and consumerism of the modern era. The movie's overall attitude seems to express an intention to educate, shock and caution its audience into realising that people in the West are governed by a super–rich ruling class (The one per cent), who do not offer them true democracy; but instead seek to invade and assimilate as many countries as possible, whilst distracting their population with a smokescreen of consumerism, celebrity, and reality television. This message is spread across the video's 17 chapters, which each attempt to focus on specific examples of Western indoctrination and oppression. The film is regularly punctuated by commentary from an anonymous North Korean professor, and quotes from Western thinkers such as Noam Chomsky and Richard Dawkins. ...

Propaganda 2012 is certainly a film where the audience takes from it what they bring to it, and a variety of emotions can be induced upon viewing. Laughter, cynicism, outrage, contemplation and reflection would all be adequate responses to the video's tough, and often graphic, portrayal of the complex world in which we are living. Yet perhaps the most important thing to remember when watching the film is that the video is available to view uncensored, on a largely unregulated world wide web, and merely represents an extreme end of the vast spectrum of free expression. Therefore, during this festive end to an austere year, enjoy Propaganda 2012 as an interesting and beguiling alternative voice that cries loudly against the dangers of religious consumerism, and reminds us to remain humble and reflect on those less fortunate than ourselves."

(Kieran Turner–Dave, 17 December 2012, Independent Arts Blogs)



20129/11anti-capitalism • brainwashing • capitalismCentury of the Selfcommunismconspiracy theoriesconsumer cultureconsumer desireconsumerism • counter-terrorism • criticismcult of celebritycultural imperialismcultural implicationsdemocracydistractiondocumentary • DPRK • emotive manipulation • false flag • fear • fear of communism • fear of terrorism • free expression • Gangnam Style • genocidehalf-baked ideashistory and culture • hysterics • imperialism • indoctrination • interventionism • invented history • Just Do It • Korea • life in the West • likesmanufacturing consentmoralitynarcissismnationalism • neo-imperialist • Noam ChomskyNorth KoreaoppressionOprah WinfreyParis Hiltonpatriotismpolitical educationpropagandaPropaganda (2012)public relationsQuentin Tarantinoreality televisionreligion • religious consumerism • Richard Dawkins • Sabine (pseudonym) • salvation • September 11 2001shockingsmokescreensocialist realismSociety of the Spectacle (Guy Debord)South Koreaspectacle • Survivor (tv series) • terrorism • the one per cent • trust • Tyra Banks • unconscious desireswatching television


David Reid
28 JULY 2012

21 year old Valeria Lukyanova wants to be a real-life Barbie doll

"Most little girls grow up playing with Barbie dolls. Some even want to look like them. One 21–year–old has become one, or so she says.

Valeria Lukyanova has become an internet sensation in her home country of Russia, claiming on her blog to be the most famed woman on the Russian–language internet.

Her doll–like features, long blonde hair and 'perfect' body make her look like a real life Barbie."

(Laura Cox, PUBLISHED: 18:14, 22 April 2012 | UPDATED: 01:40, 25 April 2012,



Simon Perkins

Fashion Victim: controversial fashion magazine Pavement closes

"A story about the closure of Pavement, a controversial fashion magazine, and its founder, Bernard D McDonald. McDonald and Pavement made their names by publishing photos of ever younger girls – but most of the time it was just crashingly pretentious. This was one of the most challenging stories I'd ever written: the fashion world, true to its reputation, is an entirely flaky one."

(Simon Farrell–Green, March 2007, Metro)

The magazine was published between 1993 and 2006 and ceased production following its December 2006 issue.



1993 • Alex Freund • Amber Valetta • Angelina Jolie • Anna Paquin • Aotearoa New Zealand • Bernard McDonald • bi-monthly • Big Bud • Cate Blanchett • Christy Turlington • contemporary artcontemporary culturecontemporary design • contemporary fashion • contemporary filmcontemporary musiccontroversial content • Courtney Love • cutting edge of creativity • Davies and Davies • declining advertising revenue • Derek Henderson • Devon Aoki • Dimmer (band) • Dita von Teese • ECPAT • Elastica • Eva Herzigova • fashion magazine • Gary Oldman • Georgina Grenville • Giselle Munchen • Glenn Hunt • Helmut Newton • Hugh Stewart • Johnny Depp • Katie Holmes • Kelly MacDonald • Kerry Fox • Kirsten DunstKylie Minogue • Larry Clark • Laurence Passera • Leelee Sobieski • Leonardo DiCaprio • Lionel Deluy • Liv Tyler • LTJ Bukem • Lucy Lawless • magazinemagazine publishing • Massive Attack (band) • Max Doyle • Melanie Lynskey • Metro (magazine) • Michael Stipe • Milla Jovovich • Ministry (band) • Naomi Campbell • New Order • Oasis (band) • of the idea and ideals • Office of Film and Literature Classification • Oliver Stone • Paris Hilton • Pauly Fuemana • Pavement (magazine) • Penny Pickard • Peter Jackson • Pierre et Gilles • Pierre Toussaint • provocativepublishing • Pulp (band) • quarterly • Ranjit Grewal • Regan Cameron • Richard Kern • Robert Astley-Sparke • Robert Wyatt • Russ Flatt • Russell Crowe • Shirley Manson • Simon Farrell-Green • Sophie Ellis Bextor • Soundgarden • special teen issue • Spiritualised (band) • Suede (band) • teenage girlsteenager • Terry Richardson • Thandie Newton • The Black Angels • The Cramps (band) • The Darkness (band) • The Veils • Throwing Muses • Tony Kim • topless nudity • Tricky (musician) • Whitcoulls (bookstore) • youth culture • youth culture magazine


Simon Perkins

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