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18 OCTOBER 2011

Cyberpunk: the future has already happened

"Cyberpunk' is a 60–minute documentary, the ad for which states: 'What started as a book became a literary movement. What was a literary movement became a subculture'.

And that's one of the major flaws of this film. It perpetuates the general myth that everything 'cyberpunk' expanded out of 'Neuromancer' and Gibson's vision. In truth, most of the stuff covered here (virtual reality, hacking, industrial music, cybernetics, designer drugs, anarchy) was already developing quite nicely before Lord Gibson, Chairman Bruce, and the rest (Shirley, Rucker, Shiner) were kind enough to provide a fictional universe in which to fuse these disparate explorations.

The production of 'Cyberpunk' is very inconsistent, too –– some parts are professional documentary, while other parts have the odor of quick–cash opportunism. The breathy women narrator is ultimately aggravating, oh–ing and ah–ing over all this stuff.

But there is some good material here, including interviews with Gibson, Leary, Scott Fisher (of NASA/Ames), Brenda Laurel, Vernon Reed (Living Color), Bill Leeb (Front Line Assembly) and others. There's also some cool computer graphics (circa 1989) and an industrial soundtrack with Front Line Assembly, Ministry, and Severed Heads.

'Cyberpunk' is still a must–see since it's the only documentary about cyberpunk that we have."

(G. Branwyn)

Fig.1 Produced and Directed by Marianne Trench and Peter von Brandenberg, Intercon Productions, 1990.



1990 • anarchy • augmentation • Bill Leeb • bodybody modificationBrenda Laurel • Bruce Bethke • computer graphics • computer virus • corporeal augmentationcyberneticscyberpunk • Cyberpunk (1990) • cyborgdesigner drugsdystopiaembodimentethicsfictional universe • Front Line Assembly • hackinghacktivismhuman beings • industrial music • informationinformation wants to be free • John Shirley • Lewis Shiner • Living Color • Mariana TrenchMinistry (band)mutant scienceNASA Ames Research CenterNeuromancerorgan • phone phreaking • posthumanRudy Ruckersci-fiScott Fisher • Severed Heads (band) • speculative designtechnological determinismtechnophobiaTimothy Leary • Vernon Reed • virtual realityvirusvisions of the futureVRWilliam Gibson


Simon Perkins

Fashion Victim: controversial fashion magazine Pavement closes

"A story about the closure of Pavement, a controversial fashion magazine, and its founder, Bernard D McDonald. McDonald and Pavement made their names by publishing photos of ever younger girls – but most of the time it was just crashingly pretentious. This was one of the most challenging stories I'd ever written: the fashion world, true to its reputation, is an entirely flaky one."

(Simon Farrell–Green, March 2007, Metro)

The magazine was published between 1993 and 2006 and ceased production following its December 2006 issue.



1993 • Alex Freund • Amber Valetta • Angelina Jolie • Anna Paquin • Aotearoa New Zealand • Bernard McDonald • bi-monthly • Big Bud • Cate Blanchett • Christy Turlington • contemporary artcontemporary culturecontemporary design • contemporary fashion • contemporary filmcontemporary musiccontroversial content • Courtney Love • cutting edge of creativity • Davies and Davies • declining advertising revenue • Derek Henderson • Devon Aoki • Dimmer (band) • Dita von Teese • ECPAT • Elastica • Eva Herzigova • fashion magazine • Gary Oldman • Georgina Grenville • Giselle Munchen • Glenn Hunt • Helmut Newton • Hugh Stewart • Johnny Depp • Katie Holmes • Kelly MacDonald • Kerry Fox • Kirsten DunstKylie Minogue • Larry Clark • Laurence Passera • Leelee Sobieski • Leonardo DiCaprio • Lionel Deluy • Liv Tyler • LTJ Bukem • Lucy Lawless • magazinemagazine publishing • Massive Attack (band) • Max Doyle • Melanie Lynskey • Metro (magazine) • Michael Stipe • Milla Jovovich • Ministry (band) • Naomi Campbell • New Order • Oasis (band) • of the idea and ideals • Office of Film and Literature Classification • Oliver Stone • Paris Hilton • Pauly Fuemana • Pavement (magazine) • Penny Pickard • Peter Jackson • Pierre et Gilles • Pierre Toussaint • provocativepublishing • Pulp (band) • quarterly • Ranjit Grewal • Regan Cameron • Richard Kern • Robert Astley-Sparke • Robert Wyatt • Russ Flatt • Russell Crowe • Shirley Manson • Simon Farrell-Green • Sophie Ellis Bextor • Soundgarden • special teen issue • Spiritualised (band) • Suede (band) • teenage girlsteenager • Terry Richardson • Thandie Newton • The Black Angels • The Cramps (band) • The Darkness (band) • The Veils • Throwing Muses • Tony Kim • topless nudity • Tricky (musician) • Whitcoulls (bookstore) • youth culture • youth culture magazine


Simon Perkins

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