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04 FEBRUARY 2019

Graham Gibbs: Learning by Doing



1988 • action planning • analysing • Birmingham City University • Birmingham Polytechnic • Bob Farmer • collaborative project • concluding • cycle of learning • cyclical sequence of activities • David Jaques • describing • Diana Eastcott • evaluating • experiential learningfeeling • gibbs reflective cycle • Graham Gibbsiterative cycleiterative process • John Alexander • John Covell • John Cowan • learning and teachinglearning by doing • learning experiences • learning modellearning theory • Oxford Brookes University • Oxford Polytechnic • Paula McGee • reflective analysisreflective learnerreflective learning • reflective learning cycle • reflective model • teaching and learning methods • theory and practice • Tony Kelly • Trevor Habeshaw • UK • University of Gloucestershire


Simon Perkins
05 AUGUST 2012

Responsive Open Learning Environments

"Responsive Open Learning Environments (ROLE) is a European collaborative project with 16 internationally renowned research groups from 6 EU countries and China. ROLE technology is centred around the concept of Self–regulated learning that creates responsible and thinking learners that are able to plan their learning process, search for the resources independently, learn and then reflect on their learning process and progress. Given this task, ROLE's main objective is to support teachers in developing the open personal learning environments for their students where they can train each of the phases mentioned."

(ROLE Consortium 2009–2012)



Simon Perkins

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