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18 JANUARY 2011

Flash web application prototypes

I created a series of Flash web application prototypes between 2002 and 2003. I did so as part of my design experimentation and growing interest in software design. As a result the prototypes were very limited in their scope as they tended to focus on particular concepts or techniques. For example I created my Kiwifruit prototype to explore an approach to updating database records which removed the need for users to make explicit update/submit decisions; I created my Rhizome prototype to explore approaches to contextual grouping and association; and I created my in–flight meal booking prototype to test some ideas I had about interactive information design. I developed the applications using a combination of Macromedia (Adobe) Flash, PHP, XML and MySQL. The prototypes now stand as a useful reminder of the promise that Flash offered in the early part of this century – before HTML5, the iPad and responsive layout etc.





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Simon Perkins
01 FEBRUARY 2004

Wiki: Information Publishing and Linking Software

"A WikiWikiWeb enables documents to be authored collectively in a simple markup language using a web browser. Because most wikis are web–based, the term 'wiki' is usually sufficient. A single page in a wiki is referred to as a 'wiki page', while the entire body of pages, which are usually highly interconnected, is called 'the wiki'.'Wiki wiki' means 'fast' in the Hawaiian language, and it is the speed of creating and updating pages that is one of the defining aspects of wiki technology. Generally, there is no prior review before modifications are accepted, and most wikis are open to the general public or at least to all persons who also have access to the wiki server. In fact, even registration of a user account is not often required."

Wikipedia (01–02–2004)



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