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03 AUGUST 2012

Stroke: an individual struggles against a dehumanised mass

"Christine Jeffs made her directing debut with this lush, high end (35mm film, Dolby sound) short film. Dorothy (Fiona Samuel), a lone swimmer, luxuriates in tranquil bliss at a deserted pool – only to have her solitude rudely interrupted by a squad of swimmers. A wordless, strikingly choreographed conflict ensues as Dorothy attempts to assert herself against the dehumanised aggression of the swimmers. Stroke was invited to international festivals including Cannes and Sundance; and Jeffs went on to direct feature films Rain and Sunshine Cleaning."

(NZ On Screen)

Fig.1 Christine Jeffs (1994), "Stroke" (short film excerpt) Aotearoa New Zealand, 35mm 8 minutes.



199435mmAotearoa New Zealand • assertiveness • Australasia • choreographed conflict • choreographies for camerachoreographychoreography of conflict • Christine Jeffs • dehumanisation • dehumanised aggression • Fiona Samuel • kiwi shortkiwi short filmskiwi shortsmoving imageNew Zealand on ScreenNZ On Screennz short film • Robin Laing • short filmsportswimmerswimmingThe Coming of Age of The New Zealand Short Film • tranquillity • wordless


Simon Perkins
01 AUGUST 2011

Drawing movement: fighting and fencing poses

"To start with I made some reference by acting it out, took photos and printed them out, I drew them in my sketch book, using what I learnt in animation principals where u put a cross through the character, so you can tell where the weight is distributed on the foot and the angle of the shoulders and pelvis. Once I am happy, I drew boxes on top of the pose."

(Alexander Bax, deviantART)

F.g.1–6 Alexander Bax, fighting and fencing poses









animation principals • artworkchoreographychoreography of conflict • deviantART • drawingfencing • fighting poses • figuresfigures in space • force • gestureillustrationimpactmotionmovement • pelvis • performanceposereenactment • reference drawings • shoulder • sketch booksport • velocity • visualisationweight distribution


Simon Perkins

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