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12 AUGUST 2012

Eau De La Vie: a nouveau debutante's moral dilemma

"Set somewhere in the near future, this black tale tells of nouveau debutante Catherine, who is being initiated into her friends' sordid cafe society world. She must choose from a small group of pre–purchased performers who will entertain the diners for the evening – but the 'entertainment' leaves Catherine fighting to the death for what she believes is right."

(New Zealand Film Commission)

Fig. 1,2 Simon Baré (1994). "Eau De La Vie", duration: 13 minutes, 35mm, colour.



199435mmAotearoa New ZealandAustralasiablack talecafe societycruelty • Dark Tales (compilation) • David Geary • death • debutante • dinnerdisturbing tale • Eau De La Vie • entertainment • Eric De Beus • ethical dilemma • gratification • high concept film • Janet Roddick • Jeff Boyd • Kirsty Hamilton • kiwi short films • Mick Rose • moral dilemmaNew Zealand cinemaNew Zealand Film CommissionorgasmPeter Daube • Richard Bluck • sadistic • Sarah Smuts-Kennedy • short film • Simon Bare • speculative fictionThe Coming of Age of The New Zealand Short Filmweirdness


Simon Perkins
02 AUGUST 2012

The Lounge Bar: cyclic narrative kiwi short film from 1988

"The zenith of Don McGlashan and Harry Sinclair's legendary Front Lawn collaborations, this iconic Kiwi short follows two men and one woman on a rainy night at a deserted bar. Pivoting on amnesia and woven together by music, two timeframes are seamlessly combined and a darkly humorous plot unfolds. The film had a wide international release (Ireland to Norway, Germany to the USA) and was a finalist in the inaugural American Film Festival."

(NZ On Screen)

Fig.1 The Lounge Bar (1988), Don McGlashan, Harry Sinclair, Aotearoa New Zealand, 35mm 12 minutes.



198835mmamnesiaAotearoa New ZealandAustralasiabar • caustic humour • chance meeting • Chinese puzzle box • cyclic narrativecyclical narrative • Dance to My Ten Guitars • diegetic sounddisturbing taleDon McGlashanFuture Shorts • Grant Campbell • Harry Sinclair • head injury • headgear • John Gilbert • jukeboxkiwi short films • Kiwiana • Leon Narbey • lounge bar • Lucy Sheehan • memory loss • Monty PythonNew Zealand cinemanon-diegetic soundPeter Jackson • pretty spunky • short filmsongThe Coming of Age of The New Zealand Short FilmThe Front Lawn • The Girl from Ipanema • The Lounge Bar • Theres a Man at The Bar Staring into Space • weirdness • Wellington Film Society


Simon Perkins

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