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10 FEBRUARY 2013

Mark Deuze: our lives are now intertwined with media



alone togetherconsuming mediacontemporary societyDanah Boyddigital technologies • Douglas Rushkoff • everyday life • in media • life in media • lived in media • lived in public • Mark Deuze • media and life converge • media and society • media as activities • media as arrangements • media as artefact • media as artefacts • media life • Media Life 2012 • media life and social change • mediated communicationmediated interactionmediated realityno life outside media • our lives are now intertwined with media • our networked life • Panasonic Life Wall • prism • private life • private spaceprivate/publicpro-d-users • producing media • produserpublic by default private through effortSherry Turkle • society in media • The Truman Show (1998) • together alone • traditional media forms • what media do • when media and life converge


Simon Perkins

Agora Phobia (digitalis): Ambiguous Private/public Space

"Agora Phobia (digitalis) is a mobile monument for 'public isolation'. Travelling since 2000 in city public spaces such as Amsterdam, Paris, New York, Berlin it questions and archives mental images and strategies for being (un)safe and isolated. The project connects social experiences in both the physical and the virtual space creating a hybrid agora.

Project Description: Agora Phobia (digitalis) invites you in a semi-transparent, inflatable Isolation Pillar, in crowded city public spaces. Inside the Isolation Pillar one feels safe within an intimate space; and at the same time, lacking control over the outside, one feels vulnerable. The Isolation Pillar provides for an isolated communication space in which notions of being inside and being outside are reversible.

In the Isolation Pillar is an online computer. You are invited for an online dialogue with someone who lives isolated somewhere else, such as someone who has been living in prison, someone who lives in a cloister, someone living illegally in the city, a digi-persona, someone suffering from agoraphobia - who are invited as 'experience-specialists'."

(Karen Lancel and Hermen Maat)



agora • Agora Phobia • agoraphobic • digitalis • Hermen Maat • hermit • isolation • Karen Lancel • Netherlandsnunprivate/publicrefugesafetyvulnerability
22 JUNE 2005

Un-private house: private becomes public

"The incorporation of technology, as an integrated aspect of modern society, has caused the home/private sphere to become more public in theory as well as in actuality. The accessibility of the outside/public sphere from within the home with the use of technology and the opportunity to work inside the home has become an increasingly popular phenomenon."

(Tanya Oh, Art History 192, Semester 1/Spring 2004, University of California)



2004 • Gisue Hariri • Hariri and Haririhomehome and living • Mojgan Hariri • privacyprivate spaceprivate/publicpublic space • Tanya Oh • The Digital Houseurban design
02 DECEMBER 2003

Mob-Log: TextAmerica

An online Mob–Log allowing users to publish their mobile phone images to an webblog – as a kind of an online photo album.

[This site has subsequently ceased operation. It was originally located at:]


blogcollectionfamilyfriend • Mob-Log • personalityprivateprivate/publicpublicspontaneity

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