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28 JULY 2012

21 year old Valeria Lukyanova wants to be a real-life Barbie doll

"Most little girls grow up playing with Barbie dolls. Some even want to look like them. One 21–year–old has become one, or so she says.

Valeria Lukyanova has become an internet sensation in her home country of Russia, claiming on her blog to be the most famed woman on the Russian–language internet.

Her doll–like features, long blonde hair and 'perfect' body make her look like a real life Barbie."

(Laura Cox, PUBLISHED: 18:14, 22 April 2012 | UPDATED: 01:40, 25 April 2012,



Simon Perkins
25 OCTOBER 2008

The Interstitial Space Helmet

"Traditionally employed in long distance broadcast interactions, cameras and screens may be considered as an extrovert media. The interstitial space helmet is conceived as a tool for exploring the consequences of applying this media in a more introverted or local experience, providing an alta–vista on our camera/screen–mediated existence.

It is becoming increasingly possible that the need for physical presence is diminishing as our interactions and relationships are being provided for by screen and camera based media. With anything up to 8 hours a day spent at our computer terminals and another three or four spent gazing at our televisions not being considered unusual.

Whilst the screen and camera provide an adequate conduit for many forms of interaction, their capacity for altering or even cheating reality has to be acknowledged hence their success in suspending our disbelief in film, advertising and propaganda broadcasts. Our screen–based interactions are not necessarily a seamless conduit and as such are open to a multitude of tweaks, filters and varying degrees of adjustment."



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Simon Perkins

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