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20 JULY 2012

Simple Guide to Interest based Networks

"As Facebook and Twitter are reaching a saturation point, a new form of social network has begun to capture the people's attention recently. Interest based networks connect you with people whom you share interests/hobbies with. Though interest based networks are not completely new–forums and communities on specific topics have existed for a while–they are building a critical mass just now.

Pinterest, Instagram, Spotfiy, Goodreads, Quora and other interest based networks have grown significantly during the past 18 months. Each of these has built up a few million strong active userbase and provides a more fine grained marketing strategy for businesses. Small businesses and marketers must pay attention to these networks and utilize them in their marketing strategy."

(Merc Strategy Group, LLC)



Simon Perkins
20 JULY 2012

Primal: What is Interest Networking?

"Interest networking is often seen as an extension of social networking. Rene Reinsberg (MIT) describes the Interest Graph as 'an online representation of individuals' interests, with people and interests being the nodes of the graph.'

Part of the confusion here is that social networks are often leveraged to construct interest networks, but the end shouldn't be confused with the means. By definition, a social network organizes information about people and their activities. An interest network organizes information around a set of interests, which may be yours and yours alone. Interest networks do not need social networking."

(Primal Fusion Inc., 20 Jan 2012)


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Simon Perkins

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