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10 FEBRUARY 2013

The Tablet Newspaper: A Vision for the Future in 1994

"The Knight Ridder Information Design Lab is developing a newspaper interface for the tablet device. The tablet newspaper draws on the strengths of print and on the strengths of electronic forms. It is both browsable and searchable, both broad–reaching and customizable. It offers pages with story abstracts linked to more detailed stories, background material, photos, sound, and video. People can ran read as deeply or as casually as they want. Stories are no longer limited to 'news hole,' the space allotted to editorial content after press configurations and advertising have been considered.

The tablet newspaper includes editorial content and advertising, both important components of a local information package. Like editorial content, advertising can have many layers, and can be searched and sorted, as well as browsed. Additionally, ads can have transaction hooks, so that readers can make reservations or purchases."

(Teresa Martin, 1995, CHI Conference Proceedings [])



1994ACM • Apple Newton • Association for Computing Machinery • browsable • digital eradigital media • digital paper • digital readingdigital technologyelectronic formselectronic newspaperelectronic publishingfuture of the book • information interface • ink-on-paper • interface design • Knight-Ridder Information Design Lab • layout designlook and feelnew technologiesnewspaperpage layoutPDApersonal computerpersonal digital assistantremediation • Roger Fidler • speculative researchtablettablet interface • tablet newspaper • tablet publishingtechnology convergencetechnology innovation • textual information • the future of the book • vertical orientation • visual clues


Simon Perkins
15 APRIL 2007

Wi-Fi Hot Zones Create Urban Sound Gardens

Mark Shepard
The Tactical Sound Garden [TSG] Toolkit is an open source software platform for cultivating public "sound gardens" within contemporary cities. ... The Toolkit enables anyone living within dense 802.11 wireless (WiFi) "hot zones" to install a "sound garden" for public use. Using a WiFi enabled mobile device (PDA, laptop, mobile phone), participants "plant" sounds within a positional audio environment. These plantings are mapped onto the coordinates of a physical location by a 3D audio engine common to gaming environments – overlaying a publicly constructed soundscape onto a specific urban space. Wearing headphones connected to a WiFi enabled device, participants drift though virtual sound gardens as they move throughout the city.



3DgardengeoannotateGPSiPodlaptopmob-taggingmobilenetwork cellPDAphone • Shepard • tagurbanwi-fi
27 JULY 2005

Folding Pocket PC Keyboard With Maximum Style

The Thinkoutside Stowaway Universal Bluetooth Keyboard is a ingenious wee device. The PDA accessory is super small and easy to set–up. The keyboard automatically turns itself on as you fold it out. And is ready to use once it has been initially paired with your PDA. I am using mine with an Acer n30 Pocket PC after discovering the flaw in the PDA?s infrared port placement. The only real hassle that I've discovered so far with this set–up is that the PDA needs to be re–paired each time I use it with another bluetooth device. I'm guessing that this is the Acer n30?s limitation though, not anything to do with the keyboard.



accessory • Acer n30 • bluetoothbluetoothdeviceindustrial designkeyboardPDA • Pocket PC • product design • Stowaway • ThinkOutside
03 DECEMBER 2003

Camera phones present privacy issues

"Camera phones are increasingly under scrutiny over privacy issues. Victoria's (Australia) Supreme and county courts may ban camera phones within their precincts to safeguard the identities of key witnesses. The invasive powers of the latest models of mobile phones have prompted the courts to review security procedures after concern that police and witnesses could be intimidated."
(Garry Barker June 17 2003)



Australiacamera • court • gadgetPDAphoneprivacy

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