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24 JUNE 2012

A History of Eastern European Matchbox Design

"Matchbox labels from the former Eastern bloc often display a remarkable degree of sophistication, elegance and artistic quality. They were, at a time, the most convenient,efficient and powerful medium for visual communications. Although they were produced under strict state–controlled production processes; that were aimed at exploiting them as a means of publicizing political initiatives, promoting public health and safety, and selling the communist ideal both at home and abroad, the artists used them as a vehicle to experiment with various imaginative ideas and artistic techniques, achieving truly stunning results."

(Guity Novin – گیتی نوین (ناوران) – ا)





Albania • Alexander Dubcek • artistic techniques • Bulgaria • Central Europe • communism • communist design • communist reformers • communist systemCzechoslovakiaEast GermanyEastern bloc • Eastern Europe • EstoniaGDR • German Democratic Republic • graphic designgraphic design history • Guity Navran • Guity Novin • history • history of graphic design • Hungarian Uprising • Hungary • Imre Nagy • Jane McDevitt • Joseph Stalin • label design • LatviaLithuania • matchbox • matchbox labels • national identity • NATO Alliance • Nikita KhrushchevPoland • political initiatives • post-war erapostwar • powerful medium • Prague Springpublic healthpublic information • public safety • publicising • RomaniaRussiaSocialist Federal Republic of Yugoslaviasocialist realismSoviet Union • state-controlled • the communist ideal • USSRvisual communication • Warsaw Pact • Western democracies • Yugoslavia


Simon Perkins
22 JUNE 2012

Late Soviet era girl next door photo book 'Sverstnitsa' (Peer Girls)

"Сейчас, спустя 22–25 лет, рубрика смотрится уже по–другому – как слепок эпохи, и можно даже проследить общее движение нравов от консервативного идеала "русской красавицы" кондово–советского периода журнала – к раскованности и менее стандартным типажам в купальниках. Хотя, надо отметить, что редактора очень осторожно и редко отклонялись от европейского типажа в пользу азиатского, но и такое немного было."

[A series of girl next door 'pin–up images' demonstrating the liberalisation of sexual attitudes in late Soviet era.]



1980s19891990bachelorettecheesecake • cultural liberalisation • cultural norms • English Russia (blog) • eroticismgender performance culture • girl next door • glamour magazineglamour shotliberal attitude • liberalisation • liberalisation of sexual attitudes • liberalismmens magazine • Peer Girls (magazine) • photo book • picture bookpin-uprepresentation of womenRussian culturesexual agencysexualisationSoviet eraSoviet popular culture • stone-washed jeans • Sverstnitsa (magazine) • teenage girlsUSSR • vintage glamor shot • young women


Simon Perkins

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