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11 FEBRUARY 2012

Overcoding, Coding, and Recoding

"...The social axiomatic of modern societies is caught between two poles and is constantly oscillating from one pole to the other. Born of decoding and deterritorialization, on the ruins of the despotic machine, these societies are caught between the Urstaat that they would like to resuscitate as an overcoding and reterritorializing unity, and the unfettered flows that carry them toward an absolute threshold. They recode with all their might, with world–wide dictatorship, local dictators, and an all–powerful police, while decoding – or allowing the decoding of – the fluent quantities of their capital and their populations. They are torn in two directions: archaism and futurism, neoarchaism and ex–futurism, paranoia and schizophrenia. They vacillate between two poles: the paranoiac despotic sign, the sign–signifier of the despot that they try to revive as a unit of code; and the sign–figure of the schizo as a unit of decoded flux, a schiz, a point–sign or flow–break. They try to hold on to the one, but they pour or flow out through the otaxher. They are continually behind or ahead of themselves."

(Deleuze and Guattari 1983, 260)


a point-sign • a schiz • all-powerful • archaism • capital • continually ahead of themselves • continually behind themselves • cultural code • decoded flux • decoding • despot • despotic • despotic machine • deterritorialisation • dictatorship • ex-futurism • Felix Guattariflow • flow-break • flows • fluent quantities • FuturismGilles Deleuzeglobal capital flows • local dictators • neoarchaism • oscillating • overcodingparanoia • paranoiac • pole to pole • police • populations • pour • Recode • resuscitate • reterritorialising unity • schizo • schizophrenia • sign-figure • sign-signifier • social axiomatic of modern societies • societies • threshold • torn in two directions • unfettered flows • Urstaat • vacillate between two poles • world-wide dictatorship


Simon Perkins
18 JUNE 2006

Escaping the paranoia and neurosis of the modern city

"ADIEU offers the escape unit as a form of inherent technological rapture, leading the subject to a profane form of salvation (and perhaps even transcendence, however fleeting). Ignoring the homespun logic of 'what goes up,' ADIEU stages a collision between the dusty discourses of dissemination, with the immortalist desire to flee/fly. The masculinist fantasy of human spores colonizing the heavens is re–articulated by the more pragmatic exigencies of surviving something like the World Trade Centre bombing. A design for living. As a consequence, this project has grown from the mythic apple–seeds of both Eve's erotic temptation and Newton's dozy epiphany. It springs from our belief that the rationalizations of rapture is always underwritten by the convergence of desire and knowledge, the extra–terrestrial perspective of the angel.

Of course ADIEU means goodbye, and not au revoir. The name itself suggests a final parting, a definite departure. But this is not the Christian appropriation of deus ex machina (the god in the machine). It is rather the ironic design of machina ex deus. Just like the little arcade–game creatures in Toy Story, which pray to 'The Claw' that occasionally selects one for a sacred and enigmatic duty, we patiently await the silver fingers to pluck us out of this gonk–machine existence . . .. . . A fuzzy gonk sits neglected on a desk in NASA's aeronautics department. He shares his immediate area with some blueprints, a Dilbert calendar and an apple–core. The room is empty. According to the calendar it is the day of the ill–fated Voyager mission. A sign hangs on the outside of the door, a prime example of boffin humour. It reads: Out to launch."

(KIT Collaboration)

Catalogue text: Architectural Developments in Escape Units by Dominic Pettman, From the A.D.I.E.U. – Joyriding catalogue, Published by Artcite, Windsor, Canada and YYZ Artists' Outlet, Toronto, Canada, 1999



A.D.I.E.U. • city • eject • end of the world • escape • jettison • neurosis • paranoia • Raiden

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