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21 MAY 2012

New York Photo Festival: 3D coverage

"I mentioned the New York Photo Festival in an earlier post on the Altfotonet blog. I've since discovered the 3D coverage project by Martin Lenclos. The 3D coverage, gives website visitors the chance to experience the festival 'virtually' by offering photos and video interviews of the NYPH's curators, attendees and exhibitors in an evocative rendering the festival's actual environment."

(Gary Sauer–Thompson, Altfotonet blog, 26 May 2010)


20103D • 3D coverage • actual environment • Altfotonet blog • attendees • curators • evocative rendering • exhibitorsfestivalinterview • Martin Lenclos • New York • New York Photo Festival • NYPH • photo festival • photography • photography festival • video interviewsvideos in virtual spacesVirtual 3Dvirtual realityvirtual reality technologies • virtually • visualisationVR


Simon Perkins
11 JUNE 2004

Augmented Realities: Situated Documentaries

"Our experimental wearable augmented reality system enables users to experience hypermedia presentations that are integrated with the actual outdoor locations to which they are are relevant. The mobile prototype uses a tracked see–through head–worn display to overlay 3D graphics, imagery, and sound on top of the real world, and presents additional, coordinated material on a hand–held pen computer. We have used these facilities to create several situated documentaries that tell the stories of events that took place on our campus."
(Tobias Höllerer, Steven Feiner, and John Pavlik)



19993D • augmented realities • augmented realitycampusdocumentaryhead-up displayhead-worn displayhypermedia • immersive journalism • John Pavlik • juxtapositionoverlayreal worldsee-throughsituated documentaries • Steven Feiner • story • Tobias Hollerer • videos in virtual spacesvirtual heritageVRwearable

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