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21 JULY 2012

Reflection In Action: a shared platform for design discussion

"Reflection In Action is a conversation between two friends and colleagues – Eilidh and Helle.

It started when Eilidh was advising Helle on her thesis project at Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design (CIID). The two of them had many, long, curious and insightful discussions where many ideas emerged about the world of design practice, the methods used and the challenges that accompany it.

After Helle graduated, she like Eilidh was hired by CIID to work within the Consultancy. After a long day of work during a research trip to the US, they found themselves in a dodgy college bar, drinking cheap beer and sketching the idea for Reflection In Action on a napkin. Eilidh and Helle wanted a place to house their ideas and discussion – A platform for reflection and action where they could develop a viewpoint on their daily creative practice and peruse their personal creative interests.

Reflection In Action is a place where they can show credit to the inspiring people they meet, the places they travel, the tools they use, and the experiences that influence who they are as designers."

(Helle Rohde Andersen and Eilidh Dickson)



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Simon Perkins
03 MAY 2012

Sandra Mardin's Lofidelica

"Lofidelica is a personal blog that I've been running since 2005, initially via blogspot and later migrated to tumblr. In the beginnings, I used the blog to post weekly playlists, reviews and posts related to my radio shows at Kanal 103 in Skopje, Macedonia. Thus, you're likely to stumble across some playlists in the archives of this blog (10/2009–10/2010). The radio show stopped running in 2010 after I moved to the UK.

Today, I use the blog to assemble my writing and projects across different platforms, as an online portfolio. Besides music, I also blog and reblog anything that interests me in culture, design, semiotics, trends, insight, advertising, research etc."

(Sandra Mardin)



2005 • advertising blogging • blog • blog to assemble • blogger • Blogspot • design bloggingephemera • interests me in culture • Kanal 103 • Lofidelica • Macedonia • music blogging • music reviews • online portfoliopersonal blogplaylistradio showreblog • research blogging • semiotics • Skopje • trendsTumblrUK


Simon Perkins

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